Federal Budget delivers important infrastructure for Victorians, says RACV

The Federal Government has committed significant investment in Victoria’s key transport infrastructure projects, helping to boost Australia’s fastest growing state.

RACV is pleased to see $1 billion as part of the Asset Recycling Initiative devoted to the regional rail upgrade package; however the full amount due to Victoria as part of this initiative has not yet been committed.

With $30 million allocated to establish the business case for the Melbourne Airport Rail Link, joining with the commitment from the State Government, the assessment of the best option for this project can now get underway.

The Federal Budget redirects the $1.5 billion originally destined for the defunct East West Link to fund a number of critical metropolitan and regional projects agreed with the State Government, including the Monash Freeway, the M80 Ring Road, rural road upgrades and urban congestion.

The North East Link is the missing link in the Federal Budget and RACV expects a commitment by the Federal Government to partner with the Victorian Government to investigate and deliver this road of national significance.

RACV urges the Federal Government to also make a commitment to the city shaping Metro Rail Project which should be part of its plan to deliver improved public transport services in Australia’s fastest growing city.

The $16 million for the keys2drive program to help learner drivers is also a welcome investment alongside the Government’s commitment to an inquiry into the National Road Safety Strategy.

Brian Negus, RACV Public Policy General Manager said, “RACV is pleased to see that the Federal Government has continued its commitment to the duplication of Victoria’s regional highways, including the Princes Highway, East and West and the Western Highway.”

“RACV is disappointed the Federal Budget shows that motorists continue to pay more in fuel excise but are not seeing those dollars returned to them in the form of better land transport infrastructure in coming years. This highlights the need for the Government to continue working on creating a more transparent, fairer and more sustainable model to charge for road use and to fund land transport infrastructure. We are particularly pleased however, to see funding committed to Infrastructure Australia to progress this process in the Budget,” said Mr Negus.

“We welcome the commitment to investigate actions to reduce drug driving and mobile phone use when driving, and the ACCC review of electricity prices and consumer choice. These are issues of importance to RACV members and all Victorians,” said Mr Negus.

“Victorians can be assured that RACV will continue to advocate strongly on their behalf to ensure that the Federal Government invests in vital transport infrastructure projects to improve lives and boost productivity in Victoria, and to drive the Australian economy.”

Note to Editor:
This media release has been re-issued. Revisions have been made to the version dated 9 May 2017.

Written by RACV - Media Relations (03) 9790 2572
May 09, 2017