Interns Ride The First Wave Of Career Success

RACV Internship Program intern, Madelaine Lyons, stands in front of RACV Torquay Resort

RACV Torquay Resort is giving high school, TAFE and University graduates a leg up in their chosen career path, through RACV’s Internship Program.

Geelong local, 19 year old Madelaine Lyons started in the Internship Program in April 2016 and has steadily built up her hospitality skill set; working across a number of areas in the resort. She is currently employed as Front House Receptionist.

Madelaine said the work has been challenging but very rewarding.

“I definitely feel I’ve grown in confidence as a person this year. I’ve learned to become comfortable with taking on new skills and meeting new people and have felt supported supported by management in all the areas I’ve worked,” she said.

RACV Torquay Resort Accommodation Manager, Brendan Smith said young people face a lot of challenges when entering a competitive job market with little experience and need guidance.

“Madelaine came in to gain experience but without a specific direction. To see her come out the other side and know what she wants to do, at least for the short term, is great and we were very pleased to be able to provide that opportunity for her.”

RACV Torquay Resort Manager, Dean Newell said the resort has a close connection with the local community and was happy to be part of a program that helps young professionals who are starting out.

“RACV’s six-month Internship Program opens doors for young adults and in turn has provided value for our organisation.

“As a resort, we have the luxury of being able to give people exposure to a wide variety of skill sets within the one facility as the interns move around various areas of the business supported by management.

“The Internship Program has been a real boost for the young participants and the RACV Torquay Resort overall.”

RACV invests more than $600,000 each year in helping young people to build job skills through an internship. Keep an eye on the RACV website and social media channels for opportunities to participate.

Written by Liselotte Geary, RACV Public Affairs, 9790 2717
January 09, 2017