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2,000 Victorian kindergartens to receive free injury prevention program thanks to RACV

With the generous support of the RACV Community Foundation, the SeeMore Safety Program will be provided free to 2,000 Victorian kindergartens in 2018, reaching over 100,000 children and their families.

The KIDS Foundation, together with RACV, is giving children experience-based understanding of how to manage everyday risks and challenges through injury prevention and recovery programs.

Founder and Director Dr Susie O’Neill says that KIDS’ programs educate the children, not the educators and give agency to children so they build independence and can manage safety risks.

“Our philosophy is better than bubble-wrap solutions. We believe in providing children with managed challenges, balancing safety and the opportunity to develop, enjoy, contribute, achieve and take on the world,” said Dr O’Neill.

RACV has donated almost $300,000 to deliver the SeeMore Safety Program to almost all kindergartens in Victoria.

“The SeeMore Safety Program ensures that children are given the tools they need to be safe. This program builds important life skills about safety into kindergarten curriculum and offers a quality program for children at a key developmental age,” said Mr Graeme Chipp, Chairman of the RACV Community Foundation”.

“We will also integrate SeeMore safety messages across RACV, greatly increasing the campaign’s reach,” Mr Chipp said.

Injury is the leading cause of death and disability of Australian children, greater than any illness or disease. On an average week in Australia, it is likely that about 35,000 children will attend the emergency department of hospitals, 1,100 will be admitted and five children will die from injury. The financial cost of this injury and death is in the order of $1.5 billion a year. Yet injury is rarely at the forefront of child health programs. 

“Research conducted in conjunction with Monash University, with over 500 children, has shown the SeeMore Safety Program has a positive effect in changing the safety behaviour of the children and their parents and initiating health and safety practices within their homes” said Dr O’Neill.

The SeeMore Safety Program will be launched at the West Hawthorn Early Childhood Centre and Kindergarten and rolled out in 2018.


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More about The Kids Foundation and Seemore safety

For the past 25 years, the KIDS Foundation has been devoted to finding a solution to the unacceptable childhood injury rates, enhancing the valuable contributions children make and the important role they play in their own learning. Our belief is that when children are given the right learning opportunities and experiences, they build a foundation of knowledge that equips them with capabilities they need to become competent, independent risk-takers and manage their safety in everyday life and activities.

Injury is the leading cause of death and disability of Australian children aged 1-16, greater than any illness or disease, currently costing the health system $212 million annually. Each week in Australia on average, it is likely that about 35,000 children will attend the emergency departments of hospitals, 1,300 will be admitted and five children will die from injury and Victorian injury rates reflect that of the national average. Yet, injury is rarely at the forefront of child health programs and does not receive the same attention, privileges or financial assistance that finding cures for illness and disease are given, the KIDS Foundation works to redress the startling childhood injury statistics in Australia and make a real difference.

SeeMore Safety (O’Neill, 2006) has been developed as a safety intervention program for preschool children, focused around relevant Australian child safety issues. The program features a series of themed picture books where children join SeeMore on a journey through literature and then with adult support in real-life experiences to learn about injury risks and safe behaviours. The program reinforces the importance of a shared-learning approach where teachers and parents play complementary roles in the new learning process. The program initially delivered in the preschools is then taken home and shared with parents and other family members. The kits the kindergartens will be receiving include a teacher’s guide; A4 children’s picture books; class sets of A5 children’s take-home picture activity books; games; activity sheets; posters; journals; SeeMore doll and access to the online virtual classroom, all focusing on safe practices.



The RACV Community Foundation was established in 1997, and has distributed grants of more than $3.7 million to over 300 charities. Approximately $650,000 was invested in the wider Victorian community in 2016-17 through the Community Foundation with 22 grants across Victoria: from Wycheproof to the Yarra Ranges. Donations can be made online

Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
November 21, 2017