RACV urges the State and Federal governments to fix the Monash Freeway

25 August 2016

Victoria’s leading transport advocate RACV calls on the State and Federal Governments to resolve their differences and get on with fixing the Monash Freeway to Pakenham.

RACV General Manager of Public Policy, Brian Negus said the fast-growing suburbs in Melbourne's south-east need better roads and public transport infrastructure.

“The Monash Freeway is an important route for people to get to vital employment, education and health facilities in the broader metropolitan area. Massive investment is happening in the rail corridor which is most welcome, but it is clear from the constant congestion on the Monash Freeway that further improvement is needed. Not everyone can travel by train,” he said.

“The project the State Government has recently committed to is good news, but the Federal offer of additional funds can surely be used for additional improvements. The much-needed funding could be spent on additional traffic and emergency lanes, and extending the freeway management system all the way to Pakenham. Constraints further towards the city, like where the Monash Freeway loses a lane at Warrigal Road and is plagued by congestion every morning peak period, must also be fixed.”

RACV says that people within the City of Casey and Shire of Cardinia suffer enough, spending long hours in queues along the freeway corridor. 

“The Councils are also working hard to develop local employment opportunities, and those businesses would benefit from less congestion and more reliable travel times,” Mr Negus said.

“Government delays over utilising scarce funding are affecting people living in the south-east and influencing whether the area is considered a good place to do business.”

Written by Liselotte Geary RACV Public Affairs: on 03 9790 2717
August 25, 2016