North East Link a critical transport project, says RACV

Victoria’s leading transport advocate RACV says it’s pleased the North East Link will be built sooner rather than later, as it has been its top priority transport project for many years.

RACV General Manager Public Policy, Brian Negus said RACV market research across the community and surveys of RACV members have consistently placed the North East Link as the city’s most crucial transport project.

“The recent RACV Redspot survey of Melbourne’s most congested locations attracted more than 18,000 submissions – an all-time record.

“The results showed that six of the top 10 Redspots were clustered around the Eastern Freeway and five of those were on the routes that the North East Link project will solve.

“These include Bulleen Road, Banksia Street Bridge, Rosanna Road and Greensborough Highway, and also Fitzsimons Lane and Main Road through Eltham and Greensborough.

“The North East Link will provide a direct freight link from the freight centres around Dandenong and from the agricultural regions in Gippsland to the fruit and vegetable markets at Epping, and importantly address the critical safety issues along Rosanna Road,” he said.

Mr Negus said North East Link was also the top priority transport project for the Victorian Transport Association – representing the freight sector in Victoria, and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry – representing a wide range of business and industry companies across Victoria.

He said the “Resolve Rosanna Road” community Group also supported the North East Link.

Last week Infrastructure Victoria listed the North East Link connecting the Metropolitan Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway, as the top priority transport project in its 30 year strategy and called for it to be completed within 10-15 years.

“The Victorian Government’s commitment to this critical project is most welcome and is great news for the long suffering communities in the north east of Melbourne and the wider communities and business groups across Melbourne that will benefit from it” Mr Negus said.

Written by Lynette Keogh, RACV Public Affairs, 9790 2572
December 13, 2016