RACV On Track survey 2019 launched

Now is the time for Victorian train users to make their voices heard through the RACV On Track survey.

On Track is a biennial survey that provides the opportunity for people to rate their local stations and train journeys.

"RACV's 2019 On Track survey gives all Victorians a chance to be heard and improve our train network," said Peter Kartsidimas, Senior Manager Transport, Planning and Infrastructure RACV.

"Train users can tell us what they really think. What is the state of your local station? Does it need repairs? Do you feel safe? Is there enough parking?"

"We also want to know if your train is overcrowded, frequently late or regularly cancelled."

This survey enables RACV to gather these insights, so we can campaign for better transport projects, including train station upgrades and improved services.

"The results of this survey can help us directly influence future planning and improvements in rail facilities," explained Mr Kartsidimas.

"Stations such as Donnybrook, Merinda Park and most recently Hallam have all been listed for upgrades after featuring in previous On Track surveys."

"You don't need to be a regular train traveller to take part in the survey."

"We'd encourage you to take the 2019 RACV On Track survey and make train travel better for all Victorians."

RACV's On Track survey (2019) will be launched on October 16 and closes November 20, 2019. Have your say at www.racv.com.au/ontracksurvey

Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
October 16, 2019