RACV and CFA urge Victorian homeowners to get bushfire ready

RACV has partnered with the Country Fire Authority (CFA) to release a video aimed at keeping Victorians safe in and around their homes this bushfire season.

Called ‘Fire Doesn’t Take A Holiday’, the video provides tips and advice on how Victorians can best prepare their homes for bushfires and keep their families safe. 

Its release comes after a recent RACV online survey revealed 40% of respondents said they were not prepared for a bushfire emergency.

RACV spokesperson Brodie Bott said a well-thought-out fire plan would help reduce any confusion or panic if there was a bushfire emergency.

“If you have a clearly documented fire plan that everybody in your household is aware of and has practised, you’re more likely to cope better with fire danger,” Mr Bott said.

“Your fire plan should clearly spell-out where you will go and what route you will take to avoid danger. When drafting your fire plan, it’s important to have back-up or alternative routes and think about how you’ll manage your pets in your fire emergency.

“Having a pre-prepared emergency kit complete with important documents, precious possessions and non-perishable food items in an easy to access place will also help you and your family leave on short notice.

“The best strategy is to leave early before you see flames and smell smoke. Don’t leave it too late,” he said.

RACV said there were a few things homeowners could do around their properties to reduce their bushfire risk, including:

  • Cleaning all debris, twigs and leaves out of gutters,
  • Mowing grass at regular intervals,
  • Trimming gardens and cutting back overgrown bushes,
  • Removing rubbish and flammable materials from around the home,
  • Making sure your home insurance policy is up-to-date, and you have the right level of insurance.

“The last thing any homeowner needs after surviving a bushfire is the added pain of discovering their insurance won’t cover the cost of rebuilding,” Mr Bott added.

“Householders also need to be aware of the true value of their possessions and make sure their insurance coverage adequately reflects that.”

Earlier this month, RACV and the CFA released the 'Driving Into Danger’ video to help Victorians stay safe on the roads this summer.

For more information about fire safety, including how to put together a fire plan, visit the CFA website. For more information about RACV Home Insurance visit racv.com.au/insurance.

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Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
December 30, 2019