RACV’s electric-powered bicycle trial is a first for Victoria

RACV is launching a new transport trial in Geelong, the first of its kind in Victoria, to test how Victorians can use electric bikes (eBikes) as a viable mode of transport for commuting around both regional and metropolitan Victoria.

The trial involves six local participants who have committed to riding the powered bicycles at least twice a week for six weeks. The trial will help RACV understand the factors that will motivate more people to consider eBikes, informing future delivery of mobility policy and helping people move around our state more easily and efficiently. eBikes use a small electric motor to help the rider travel further with less effort.

One of the participants in the trial is 68-year-old, Bell Park resident, Wolfgang Klemenz who says he is embracing eBikes.

“I haven’t cycled in a number of years but with recent technological advances, I’m really excited about where current and future eBikes will take us. I’m looking forward to using the eBike to increase my fitness and be more active coming into the summer months.”

RACV is an advocate for integrated mobility which encompasses all modes of transport including driving, riding, walking and taking a bus, tram or train. eBikes allow commuters and leisure cyclists to arrive at their destination having exerted less energy than a conventional cycle trip, meaning they are less sweaty after riding.

Dave Jones, RACV Manager of Roads and Traffic says many people are interested in bike riding, but may have concerns about road safety, their fitness level or ability to cycle up steep hills.

“The eBike trial gives our members an opportunity to reconsider how they travel. eBikes provide a very different experience to riding a conventional bike, and the trial enables RACV members to experience the benefits of an electric powered bicycle.

“The data collected will help RACV understand how people use an eBike compared to their normal way of travelling, and whether their feelings about riding change throughout the trial”, says Jones.

RACV provides services to bicycle riders. For more information about eBikes, visit https://www.racv.com.au/on-the-road/bike-riding.html