RACV ramps up pressure to replace defective airbags

RACV recognises the concerns of our members and the wider community in relation to defective airbags, and would like to see swift action to ensure these airbags are replaced as quickly as possible.

RACV urges Victorians not to interfere with the safety features of their vehicles as any tampering could pose a serious safety risk to motorists and other road users.

“We do not want Victorian’s losing confidence in the safety of their motor vehicles, or even worse, preventable injuries occurring due to long wait times in accessing replacement parts” said RACV’s Manager of Vehicle Engineering, Mr Michael Case.

RACV believes in many cases, replacement airbag waiting list times are currently too long. RACV urges manufacturers to rapidly increase the supply of airbags to meet the recall demand, as well as ensure that impacted customers are notified of the potential defect as soon as possible.

“There is also a role for the Federal Government to place a greater emphasis on the recall, and to put pressure on manufacturers to speed up the process for replacing defective airbags” said Mr Case.

Victorians concerned as to whether their vehicle is impacted by the recall can visit the Product Safety Australia website: www.productsafety.gov.au

“RACV will continue to work with manufacturers and government to ensure the right procedures and policies are in place and that more urgent action is taken to protect the safety of all Victorians on our roads” said Mr Case.

Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
July 25, 2017