ACCC investigation to ensure competitive and fair fuel pricing

RACV welcomes the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) Statement of Issues, and further investigations into the proposed acquisition of Milemaker Petroleum by Caltex Australia Petroleum, to ensure competitive and fair fuel prices for Victorians.

Our analysis of fuel prices clearly shows the Milemaker sites have lower prices than the average across all service stations, where they operate. They frequently lead the price reductions and are often the last to increase their prices.

Milemaker operates under the Caltex brand but are independently owned and set their own pricing strategy.

Brian Negus, RACV Public Policy General Manager said, “We are concerned about the absence of competitive pressure, which could result from this proposed acquisition and the impact on fuel prices for Victorian motorists.”

RACV has carried out further analysis comparing a number of different brands operating near Milemaker sites. This analysis shows that Milemaker is consistently lower or at least as good as most brands, especially Coles Express, which is consistently higher than most brands.

RACV will be making a submission to the ACCC based on our analysis of fuel prices in the areas that Milemaker operates.

Written by Bridget Moylan, RACV, 0468 325 420
March 16, 2017