RACV welcomes the ban on discount fuel boards

21 February, 2016

RACV welcomes the ban on discount fuel boards

Victoria’s leading transport advocate RACV has welcomed the state government decision to ban the display of discounted fuel prices on fuel price advertising boards at retail outlets.

The move means fuel retail outlets can only display the undiscounted price for fuels so that the price on the board is the most that motorists will pay.

RACV General Manager Public Policy Brian Negus said RACV had been campaigning for some time on ways to improve the clarity of price information presented to motorists before they filled up their car.

“Since the arrival of discount fuel vouchers motorists have had to deal with confusing and differing fuel price boards at the front of most service stations

RACV’s research has found that more than two thirds of respondents had experienced occasions where they could not easily determine the ‘real’ price at a quick glance when driving past because of missing or incorrect information.

Discount prices are usually displayed more prominently than other prices which it very difficult to determine the actual price for petrol at a quick glance when driving.

“The other problem for motorists was the difficulty in determining quickly whether they qualified for the discount on offer,” Mr Negus said.

RACV is also urging service stations to display a price for 95 octane premium unleaded petrol.

“Premium unleaded petrol prices are not typically displayed on boards and this has made it difficult for motorists who use premium, to shop around.

“Given that retailers now have extra space on their fuel boards with the removal of discounted prices, we would expect the premium price to be displayed.


Attached: two images fuel price boards.

Caltex fuel signage

Coles fuel signage

Written by Lynette Keogh, RACV Public Affairs on 03 9790 2572
February 17, 2016