RACV security camera survey's revealing results

An RACV online survey has revealed some surprising results when it comes to what Victorians watch on their home security cameras.

RACV Spokesperson, Brodie Bott, said the survey found most homeowners use the cameras to look out for intruders.

“Almost two thirds of respondents use security cameras to keep their homes safe from burglaries and theft,” Mr Bott said.

“Not surprisingly, many homeowners reported using security cameras to keep an eye on the family pet when nobody is home.”

What's the main use of your home security camera?

Look out for intruders


Spy on my pets


See what’s happening in my neighbourhood


Watch my deliveries arrive safely


Keep an eye on my family




Source: RACV Facebook poll from 12/02/20 - 18/02/20. Responses: 402

While home security was an important focus for respondents, Mr Bott said the survey revealed some more unusual results.

“The third most popular use for home security camera was to see what was happening in the neighbourhood, while the fourth most common response was ‘to ensure their online shopping deliveries arrived safely’,” Mr Bott said.

But it was the ‘Other’ category that provided the most unusual responses from the more than 400 participants in the RACV online poll.

“Some camera owners wanted to keep a close eye on their homes and vehicles, while one wanted to make sure no one took their parking spot,” Mr Bott said.

“Other homeowners wanted to ‘keep an eye on the tradies’, check for a cheating spouse or simply ‘watch the weather’.

“One respondent wasn’t even concerned with what they could see on the cameras, their most important function was the visible deterrent to would-be burglars looking for a soft target.”

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Written by RACV Corporate Communications (03) 9790 2572
February 23, 2020