RACV Graduate Program

Kick-start your career at an organisation owned by and run for the benefit of its members

2020 Graduate Program information

Our 18-month program includes three 6-month rotations in several different business units. You’ll manage and contribute to significant and meaningful projects – expanding your skills, challenging yourself and taking momentous steps in building your career.

Be supported every step of the way

Whether your sights are set on a career in finance, marketing, hospitality or insurance, you’ll receive unparalleled support to help you develop. Each of our 6 successful graduates will be:

  • provided with an individual development plan to help set targets and achieve new goals
  • paired with a mentor from senior management for coaching and guidance
  • offered the opportunity to work in completely different roles and teams.
  • Key dates

    Applications open:
     17 June 2019

    Applications close: 31 July 2019 at 5pm

    The program begins in January 2020.

  • Eligibility

    You need to meet the following requirements to apply:

    • be in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree or postgraduate studies and will have completed your studies by December 2019
    • be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident, or eligible to work permanently in Australia.

The talent process

Three RACV graduates laughing together.
  1. Online Application 
  2. Online Psychometric Assessment
  3. Video Interview
  4. Assessment Centre
  5. Final Panel Interview

Our Talent Team will be in touch at various stages throughout the process. We’re proud to receive hundreds of applications for our program and don’t rush any stage to ensure we get the right people.

  • RACV Community Involvement

    Making a positive and lasting impact in our community has long been a part of our DNA; after all, we’ve been supporting Victorian communities for more than 115 years. 

    We’re committed to acting responsibly and demonstrating leadership through the business decisions we make and the actions we take, from supporting local charities through our Community Foundation to our long-standing advocacy efforts on everything from road rules to public transport.

    We recognise that we have a responsibility and opportunity to take a leadership role in creating social impact, and now you have the opportunity to join us.

    • Discover how we influence change and drive sustainable outcomes.
    • Get involved in projects that help Victorians feel connected, safe and included in their community.
    • Volunteer for RACV and community-partnered events including ANZAC Day and the RACV Australia day Festival.
  • Why start your career at RACV?

    There’s something special about working for an iconic Australian organisation. A household name for most Victorians, the RACV has been around for more than 115 years and is now recognised as the largest member organisation in Victoria.

    Renowned for our advocacy efforts, award-winning member magazine RoyalAuto, and our wide-range of products and services in mobility, home and leisure, we’re proud of our rich history and excited for an even brighter future.

    See our careers page for more information.

What’s the benefit of choosing a generalist program?

A generalist program furthers your career by helping you:

  • develop a wide and transferrable skillset across a range of business areas
  • build a strong professional network by meeting and working with different teams
  • discover what you’re most passionate about.

Can I choose my rotations?

You will be encouraged to discuss your preferences with the Graduate Program Manager; however placements also depend on business needs. You will have the opportunity to submit expressions of interest for your top two preferences before each rotation.

What’s the salary?

RACV’s Graduate salary is $65,777 including superannuation per year. The program is offered on a fixed-term contract for 18 months. This is a competitive salary aligned with the market and is reviewed each year.

Brooke Dunleavy

I applied to RACV because it aligned with my values. It enabled me to combine my passion for the community, making a difference and my desire for a ‘career’.

The RACV Graduate Program is a generalist program, which was perfect for the Arts student in me. I had very little idea what I wanted to do with my life post uni, and the RACV program allows me to rotate through three areas and experience different parts of the business, with the aim to finally figure out where I want my career to go.

My first rotation has been in marketing and I could not have asked for a better team. They have been supportive, mentoring me through what I didn’t know, while also giving me challenging and meaningful work right from my first week.

Eleanor Yap

RACV’s member centred focus and strong community presence is what drew me to apply to the RACV graduate program. The program follows a generalist stream which I have really enjoyed as it has provided countless opportunities to experience various aspects of the business and determine where I want to grow my career.

Everyone at RACV has been very supportive and friendly and it really reflects in its great work culture. The strong network of past graduates has also been a great source of help and encouragement. The company is going through an exciting time of change and it is very interesting to be a part of that.

Currently, my first rotation is in the Finance and Accounting department which is a great platform to learn about all aspects of RACV. My managers have been a great help, making me feel comfortable and able to ask any and all questions. I have felt very welcomed and while it has been a challenging role, I have been able to learn and contribute to multiple different projects.

Mitchell Petzke

RACV Graduate for People and Culture, Mitchell Petzke, sits for a photoFirst Rotation – People & Culture

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & Economics), Monash University

I was drawn to the RACV Graduate Program primarily because of the vast cross-functional opportunity that the program provides.

Additionally, the organisation is well regarded commercially, and is known for giving back to the community. Providing a strong brand that I can be proud to work for.

It is a truly exciting time to get involved with RACV. The company is looking forward and striving to innovate, whilst the workplace environment has adapted to suit this need by encouraging collaboration and disruptive thinking. The state of the art headquarters in Melbourne’s CBD is tangible proof of this change.

A real highlight of the program is the support provided by the network of past graduates. Not only do they provide useful advice, but they are a testament to the program’s success.

I am currently on my first rotation in People & Culture, and have already been tasked with driving some major projects. I am thoroughly looking forward to the opportunities and challenges to come.

Emma Armstrong

RACV Graduate Marketing Consultant, Emma Armstrong, sits for a photoFirst Rotation – Marketing

Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication), RMIT University

Landing a role in RACV’s generalist Graduate Program was a massive win for me. I have always learned by doing, so I love that the program affords graduates new experiences and the opportunity to work in areas we’ve not previously been exposed to. I’m currently working with RACV’s newly restructured marketing team, which is already challenging me beyond my public relations background.

I’ve met so many people in my short time at RACV, and although there’s a lot to learn, I feel like I’m valued for my fresh perspective. I’ve already put my hand up to work on marketing campaigns for some exciting new products RACV is bringing to market, and I’m excited to learn from my talented team!

Our new offices in the city are bright and collaborative, and there’s a really open vibe between teams. The grads this year have all bonded, and we’re developing relationships with past graduates, too, which is really comforting. We also have the support of our rotation managers and Graduate Manager, so I always have someone to talk to when I have questions.

Rachel Pearce

What drove me to apply for the RACV graduate program was the program's generalist structure and the strong drive to develop graduates and enable them to succeed in their career.

I'm currently working in the People and Culture team, working on a broad range of projects and developing key skills.

The teams I've had the privilege of working with have been so welcoming and encouraging, creating a second-to-none positive environment to grow and contribute in an organization that truly believes in making a difference. The continual support from our grad coordinator, my mentor and fellow grads provides a strong support network to learn and bounce ideas off of.

 I'm looking forward to exploring the opportunities and challenges offered by this organization throughout the program and my future at RACV.

Lynette Pham

When I thought about where I wanted to start my career, I knew that I wanted to work in an organisation that would not only provide me with opportunities for personal and professional development, but also provide me with strong guidance and support. Working for RACV has done exactly this.

Currently, I'm working in the ICT department where I am constantly learning and being challenged to think outside the box. I'm contributing to some exciting pieces of work and being exposed to areas that I thought I wouldn't get the chance to experience.

What I love about working for RACV is that everyone around me is not only dedicated and hardworking, but also friendly and helpful. I'm comfortable asking for guidance where I need it and I know that I have the support from a variety of people including our rotation managers, graduate manager, and all the graduates both in my cohort and previous cohorts.  I'm excited to see where my journey at RACV will take me and I look forward to all the great experiences I will have.

Srawan Vijayakumar

RACV Graduate for community and Corporate Respsonsibility, Srawan Vijayakuma, sits for a photoFirst Rotation – Community & Corporate Responsibility

Bachelor of Arts (Criminology, Media and Communications), University of Melbourne

As someone with a strong interest in working with and giving back to the community, I was excited to work for a member-centric organisation like RACV that not only takes its obligation as a responsible corporate citizen seriously but also works with Victorians to build a stronger social fabric from the ground up.

The first rotation that I have been given is in the Community & Corporate Responsibility team, where I am assisting in managing RACV’s diverse portfolio of community initiatives and programs as well as the plethora of events that RACV organise.

Right from the first week, I have felt valued and extremely welcome, and I have already been given a challenging set of responsibilities, including contributing to the redefinition of the RACV’s Social Investment Strategy and driving staff engagement through broadening the volunteering opportunities that RACV provides.

The thing that stands out the most for me working for RACV is the strong support network that graduates benefit from. From the executive general managers to the fellow graduates, everyone is approachable, friendly and willing to help guide me on my corporate journey. RACV shows a genuine interest in each graduate and provides them pathways to not only succeed in the corporate workplace but to build a diverse set of employable skills along the way that equip them for the next step in their career.

Richard Davenport

First Rotation – Home Trades & Services

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Bachelor of Laws (Hon), Deakin University

The RACV graduate program stood out to me because of its generalist nature which enables me to work across different departments and gain professional experience across a range of different business areas. The three six-month rotations will provide me with the skills and expertise to succeed in the business world.

I am currently working as an analyst in the Home Trades and Services department. This role requires me to engage in a variety of activities from data analysis to product development and even contributing to internal incentive campaigns.  The role has proved challenging, even daunting at times and has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, but has been an amazing experience that is enabling a rapid development of my abilities.

During my time in the graduate program I have constantly been supported and trusted by my colleagues and the previous grads. It is this culture that I enjoy the most and makes me excited for my future at RACV. 

Chris Bannan

RACV Graduate for Finance and Accounting Services, Chris Bannan, sits for a photoThird Rotation -  Finance and Accounting Services

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics), Monash University

I would strongly recommend applying for the RACV Graduate Program as this company puts a great amount of effort into each graduate and ensures they are given the best chance to receive the foundations required to achieve in the corporate world. The work place is a friendly environment that I am grateful to be part of.

For my first rotation, I was working as an Analyst within the Home Services and Security department. Here I was trusted with a range of responsibilities that were enjoyable and challenging. Often I was presented with tasks that pushed me out of my comfort zone and tested my abilities. The most involved project I participated in was a costings analysis which assisted in decision making months after its completion.

My next six months had me placed in the Growth, Strategy and Analytics team. The work there was extremely diverse and stimulating with different deliverables each week. This department has a culture of collaboration and a strong focus on being curious. Such attributes fostered an optimal learning environment for me to sharpen up a host of technical skills that I’ll be able to use for any role in the future.

Courtney Dufty

RACV Graduate Home Innovation Analyst, Courtney Duffy, sits for a photo

Business Designer, Innovation

Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion, Deakin University

After completing my third rotation in Innovation, I was successful in gaining a position within the team as the Business Designer. I have now been in this new role for 7 months.

The Business Designer role offers a great deal of variation in its day-to-day activities. I have been involved in the research, ideation and exploration into RACV’s home space, design and facilitation of Innovation workshops and Design Sprints (underpinned by Human Centered Design) and various other projects established to grow the innovation/design capabilities at RACV.

I’m looking forward to seeing how the organisation can use these new processes and skills to deliver better outcomes for its members, the business and Victorians. It’s an exciting time to be at RACV.

Joanne Nguyen

RACV Graduate Finance and Accounting Services Consultant, Joanne Nguyen, sits for a photo

Financial Accountant – Assets, Finance & Accounting Services

Bachelor of Business (Professional Accountancy), RMIT

After undertaking rotations at the RACV Goldfields Resort, Insurance, and Finance & Accounting Services, I have now completed the graduate program and am working as a Financial Accountant.

In this role, I am responsible for managing RACV’s diverse asset portfolio in order to support the various internal stakeholders across the organisation and to ensure capital expenditure and reporting is in line with legislative requirements.

With the diverse opportunities and incredible support network received as a graduate at RACV, I have developed a fantastic foundation for my corporate career.

Nick Campbell

RACV Graduate Golf Membership Consultant, Nick Campbell, sits for a photo

Assistant Product Manager, Motoring

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & International Commerce), Monash University

I initially applied for the RACV Graduate Program because of the organisation’s strong community values and substantial presence in the Victorian commercial environment.

During the 18 months, I had been given the opportunity to take the lead on several projects related to developing new product offerings using innovation techniques, designing strategic product reviews, evaluating major partnerships and facilitating internal workshops. It is definitely a very exciting period to be a part of the program as the rotation opportunities have become increasingly more diverse – demonstrated by my rotations in Membership as a Programs Analyst, Motoring as a Product Analyst and Golf as a Product Specialist. After the conclusion, I was fortunate enough to secure a role as the Assistant Product Manager in the Motoring Team.

I’m hugely optimistic about my future progression within the organisation, with a focus on professional development and support from senior management. This foundation that would not be possible without the RACV Graduate Program. If you are looking to be challenged in a fast-paced environment and are driven to make a meaningful contribution, I would strongly recommend you apply for this unique start.

Rachel Tan

RACV Graduate Data analytics Analyst, Rachel Tan, sits for a photo

Productivity Analyst, Commercial and Operations

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), University of Melbourne

The RACV Graduate Program has exposed me to a diverse set of areas across the company; from operational functions to member-facing roles right through to being part of the central analytics team.

Since completing the program, I have developed a well-rounded skill set and gained clarity on the professional pathway I wish to pursue.

I have since secured a role as a Productivity Analyst in the Commercial and Operations team and commenced post graduate studies. My role involves reporting and analytics to provide insight to the operational and financial health of the Leisure portfolio.  I also aid the finance business partners to better understand the ‘why’ behind our performance and how we can optimise it.

This ongoing opportunity for personal and professional development and having that translate to tangible business results makes me exceptionally excited for what lies ahead at RACV.

Chris Cefala

Former RACV Finance and Accounting Services Management Account, Chris Cefala, sits for a photo

Business and Product Analyst, RACV New Home Products

Bachelor of Science (Finance & Psychology), University of Melbourne

The RACV Graduate Program is unique in that it provides exposure to three very different parts of the organisation. I believe the Graduate Program is a great start to a career as it fosters decision making in a challenging environment to really provide the graduate with a chance to put their skills to use and make informed business decisions. Graduates at RACV are given meaningful work and their contribution is often valued on high profile projects.

The organisation’s values are built around working collaboratively together to improve the lives of all Victorians, whilst also providing a great work-life balance. This is what makes it such a great place to not only work but learn and develop new skills along the way.

RACV have also supported me to complete the Chartered Accountants Program (CA) giving me the right qualification to add value to the organisation.

As a business and product analyst I still use what I learnt on the graduate program to better understand my internal stakeholders and because of this I am confident that I can continue to build my career and develop my skills.

Hannah Stephen

RACV Graduate Motor Insurance and Salary Packaging Analyst, Hannah Stephen, sits for a photoAnalyst, Commercial & Transactions

Bachelor of Biomedical Science & Bachelor of Science, Monash University

I joined RACV in January 2016 via the graduate program and from day one, was challenged, encouraged and supported to learn and achieve. I completed three rotations across Commercial, Corporate Support Services and IT, and finally, Motor Insurance and Salary Packaging.

In 2016, under new leadership, the business commenced on a journey of significant change to better serve Victorians. I was provided with opportunities to contribute to growth and transformation, from participating in collaborative working groups and assisting in selection of technology support partners, to testing new products.

After finishing my third rotation, I was welcomed back into Commercial & Transactions as an Analyst. It’s great to have returned to the first team I worked with at RACV. In 2017, we completed several transactions; the acquisition of Nationwide Towing Group, the sale of RACV’s Salary Solutions business and a few smaller, corporate venture style investments focusing on the Home and Mobility space. 2018 promises to be just as eventful. I look forward to continuing my professional development this year through part-time further study. It’s an exciting time to be part of RACV Commercial & Transactions.