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2018 Graduate Program information

Discover the diverse world of RACV and make your mark in an organisation that is owned by and run for the benefit of its members. As a membership organisation serving more than 2.1 million members, RACV is committed to returning benefits to members, by providing great value products, high quality service and representing members’ interests.

The RACV Graduate Program is an 18-month program with three diverse business rotations in which graduates gain valuable knowledge of various business operations and the industries in which RACV operates.

Graduates are managed on a daily basis by their allocated business unit manager and are also provided with a 'buddy' within this department.

Additionally, the Graduate Program Coordinator remains a constant champion and provides assistance to Graduates throughout the rotations.

We are now offering careers in Accounting & Finance, Insurance, Product Management, Commercial, Leisure Services, Marketing, and many more! Our financial strength gives us a unique opportunity to continue to invest in initiatives that provide superior member benefits, excellent customer service and great value.


I felt like I was depended upon and the work was meaningful.

Max Massingham, 2016 RACV Graduate


RACV has more than 2.1 million members and, as a mutual, operates in a very different way to shareholder-based companies. Because RACV doesn’t have shareholders all profits are either returned in member value or invested for members’ long-term benefit. As a mutual the decision making process is simple and clear – it is member centric.

RACV employees reap the benefits of working for a mutual organisation, with plenty of employee benefits that can help you save on Insurance, Roadside Assistance, and access to a range of discounts including staying at RACV’s Club and Resorts across Australia, and the opportunity to get involved in local community programs.

Why choose a Generalist Program?

As our Graduate Program offers a generalist platform, our rotation structure allows us to give our Graduates the opportunity to undertake a range of different activities, which lead to an attainment of corporate knowledge and professional expertise to support and enhance business activities. Not every Graduate knows exactly what field they want to work in and in what position, so having the chance to get directly involved within various departments, gives Graduates a better understanding on the different ways they can utilise their knowledge and skills.

RACV Community Involvement

Caring for our members and the Victorian community as a whole is at the heart of RACV’s mission. We are committed to devoting time and resources to projects, initiatives and activities that have a positive impact in our community. RACV’s community engagement programs provide financial, in-kind and volunteer assistance to a wide range of Victorian charitable and community organisations.

RACV matches employee donations to the RACV Community Fund at a rate of $2 for every $1 donated.

RACV employees get one paid day of leave each calendar year to volunteer with RACV's current and past community partners and major partner, the RACV Community Foundation or an RACV employee elected team activity.

Caleb Delaney

RACV Graduate Program employee, Caleb Delaney, stands for a photo

First Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Membership & Rewards

Bachelor of Commerce & Law (Economics, International Trade & Economic Policy), Deakin University

What attracted me to the RACV Graduate Program was a mix of the organisation's excellent brand and reputation for taking care of their members.

The program focuses on building on your knowledge and skills learnt at University while extending and challenging you to further develop both personally and professionally. What is great about the program is the support network that is given to the graduates. This company really stands out in the way that it treats its employees and makes you feel as though you are an essential and vital part of a team.

My current responsibilities in the Membership and Rewards team include regular reporting and analysis work, as well as the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects currently underway in my division. This really is an exciting time to be working at RACV as fresh thinking and ideas are encouraged from anyone in the company.

The support from past graduates is another stand out feature. Everyone is really approachable and willing to pass on what they have learnt. It helps show the success of the program by seeing past graduates continuing to work for the company and becoming leaders of the future.

Brenda Van

RACV Graduate Consultant, Brenda Van, sits for a pictureFirst Rotation – Graduate Consultant, RACV Club

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Monash University

I am currently in my first rotation of the program at RACV Club in Member Relations. Being the first Graduate within this rotation, I have been tasked to formulate new business strategies in an array of areas from enhancing member engagement to developing a social media strategy. With immense responsibility as a new employee to the company, I feel challenged, valued and empowered to make a great contribution and am very excited to take on as many learning opportunities as possible.

Upon commencing the Graduate Program at RACV, it has become abundantly clear as to why this is an amazing company to work for. From its welcoming and nurturing culture to its genuine member driven focus, I can see the company’s ability in cultivating my personal and professional development and being an environment that makes me feel passionate about coming to work.

Bhargava Cherukuri

Graduate Consultant ICT, Bhargava Cherukuri, sits for a photoFirst Rotation – Graduate Consultant ICT

Bachelor of Science (Mechanical Systems), University of Melbourne

Having studied Engineering at University I have always been interested in how integral problem solving techniques are utilised in a business setting, particularly in a well-respected member organisation such as the RACV.

The RACV Graduate Program has provided me with the opportunity to move out of my comfort zone and understand how my experience and skills can be applied to various business units in the organisation.

My first rotation is with the ICT department in the Change and Release team. My current responsibilities include assisting with the testing process for the upcoming release of updated software, as well as developing end-to-end user stories along with their associated acceptance criteria.

Akila Jayaratne

RACV Graduate Consultant, Akila Jayaratne, sits for a photoFirst Rotation – Graduate Consultant, People & Culture

Bachelor of Business & Commerce (Human Resource Management), Monash University

RACV's Graduate Program captured my interest due to its generalist structure which provides the opportunity to really gain an insight into different business functions.

Drawing from my experience in the military, I understand the importance and value of being part of an organisation rich in history. RACV has been around for a long time and because of this we have a strong brand and very loyal member base. I am currently in my first rotation in People and Culture and have already been given responsibility for major projects.

There is an excellent workplace culture here at RACV and it creates a very positive working environment. I have a great support network through Graduates and Managers within the organisation and am excited to see where the rest of the program takes me.

Chris Bannan

RACV Graduate Analyst for Home Services, Chris Bannan, sits for a photoFirst Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Home Services

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Economics), Monash University

I was attracted to the RACV Graduate Program over the others offered, as it is a robust year and a half of general learning in a company that specialises in a plethora of industries. The three six-month rotations promise to be extremely useful in providing an experience with great depth and breadth in the business world.

Currently, I am working as an Analyst within the Home Services and Security department. This role has a range of responsibilities that are both enjoyable and challenging. Often I am presented with tasks that push me out of my comfort zone and can be quite daunting but they are fantastic experiences and help shape me professionally. The most beneficial project I was required to complete was a competitor product analysis, which not only gave me a substantial background on our product and its market but also built my confidence within the team.

I would strongly recommend applying for the RACV Graduate Program as this company puts a great amount of effort into each graduate and ensures they are given the best chance to receive the foundations required to achieve in the corporate world. The work place is a friendly environment that I am really grateful to be part of.

Keshia Contini

RACV Graduate Marketing Consultant, Keisha Contini, sits for a photoFirst Rotation – Graduate Consultant, Marketing

Bachelor of Arts (Linguistics, History), University of Melbourne/McGill University
Master of Marketing – RMIT University

With a diverse academic background and a broad range of work experience, RACV’s Graduate Program provided me with the perfect opportunity to truly discover my strengths and passions, whilst guiding and challenging me to excel in the workplace. It was the diversity and flexibility of the generalist structure that most appealed to me.

My first rotation is in the Marketing Department, managing the Membership portfolio and assisting in the creation of exciting campaigns and events. Working alongside the Membership Team allows me to better understand RACV’s members and develop marketing collateral to best suit their needs. I’m thoroughly enjoying my time in Marketing, as it is providing me with a fantastic opportunity to network with other departments and great exposure to how the company functions internally.

With a genuine interest in its Graduate Program, I constantly feel valued and trusted at RACV and supported by all business units, colleagues and the past graduate network. I look forward to contributing to the organisation’s innovative and progressive future.

Molly Ennor

RACV Graduate Motoring Analyst, Molly Ennor, sits for a photo

Third Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Motoring

Bachelor of Commerce, Deakin University

RACV really stood out to me as an exciting place to begin my corporate career as it is such a large, diverse and successful company and a place where graduates are valued. After spending a year at RACV I have found this to be true.

I have recently begun my third rotation in the Motoring team. This is a really stimulating and challenging role as I have been placed with significant responsibility to deliver on a number of large projects as well as preparing weekly and monthly reports on key business areas for the team. This rotation differs considerably from my previous rotations in the Marketing and Public Affairs team where I was heavily involved in creating external and internal communications, event planning, working on RACV’s social investment strategy and assisting RACV’s community programs team.

Overall my time at RACV has been extremely rewarding as the depth and diversity of the Graduate Program has provided me with significant responsibility and the chance to really challenge myself within the workplace. I now feel confident that when I finish up in the Graduate Program I will have developed invaluable skills and experience that will prepare me for the next chapter of my career.

Hannah Stephen

RACV Graduate Motor Insurance and Salary Packaging Analyst, Hannah Stephen, sits for a photoThird Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Motor Insurance and Salary Packaging

Bachelor of Biomedical Science & Bachelor of Science, Monash University

I commenced the RACV Graduate Program in January, 2016 to learn how successful businesses were managed.

My first two rotations, spread across the Commercial team, Corporate Support Services and IT, gave me a broad overview of the organisation and a strong foundation to build on. I assisted with reporting on the performance of RACV’s associate companies, assessed new business opportunities, worked with vendors to deliver system capabilities and participated in the selection of RACV’s new Customer Relationship Management tool. I was also involved in RACV’s first working group for under 25s. It was a challenging, yet rewarding year. I’ve now commenced my final rotation in the Motor Insurance team and look forward to refining my project management and product development skills.

I have been made to feel welcome, supported and valued. My mentor, fellow graduates and colleagues have been a great source of knowledge and advice. The RACV Graduate Program is an excellent facilitator of growth and learning. As a result, I am confident in my ability to take the next step in my career at the close of the Graduate Program.


Rachel Tan

RACV Graduate Data analytics Analyst, Rachel Tan, sits for a photo

Third Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Data Analytics

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), University of Melbourne

Having completed two rotations of the RACV Graduate Program, I have gained a wealth of professional and personal skills along with a continually growing support network made up of all levels of management.

My first rotation in Automotive Services as a graduate business analyst exposed me to one operational facet of RACV. I was responsible for month-end reporting, report improvement and also assisted in business planning.

My second rotation in Leisure allowed me to further my analytical skills and also work in a member-facing and product-improvement capacity. I was provided with the opportunity to build models that highlighted revenue opportunities for each RACV property and an automated budget to aid with the upcoming business-planning period. I also worked alongside the Golf Membership team to improve back and front-end processes and enhance the member experience.

Currently, I am the graduate analyst in Data Analytics. With data being the main contributor to help us better understand and cater to our members, it is definitely an exciting time to be part of this new team.

Joanne Nguyen

RACV Graduate Finance and Accounting Services Consultant, Joanne Nguyen, sits for a photo

Third Rotation – Graduate Consultant, Finance & Accounting Services

Bachelor of Business (Professional Accountancy), RMIT

RACV’s Graduate Program has been a fantastic foundation for my corporate career. The generalist structure has given me a multitude of opportunities to explore the many different facets of the business and has placed me in roles where I am constantly challenged and truly valued for my work. A highlight about working at RACV for me would be that as a mutual organisation, our members are at the focal point of all that we do.

My third rotation in the Finance & Accounting Services team has given me a great holistic perspective of the business. I am currently involved in rolling out Concur, the new expense claim system, to all staff and have collaborated with my team to ensure a smooth transition across the organisation.

With the diverse opportunities and incredible support network received as a graduate, RACV has genuinely helped me grow and develop my knowledge, skills and confidence so that I am better equipped to achieving my goals.

Courtney Dufty

RACV Graduate Home Innovation Analyst, Courtney Duffy, sits for a photo

Third Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Home Innovation

Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion, Deakin University

The RACV Graduate Program has given me the opportunity to work in three diverse business areas Public Policy, Marketing and Home Innovation. These rotations, alongside RACV's mentoring and buddy programs have developed both my professional and personal growth.

I am currently a Graduate Analyst in the Home Innovation team, which is a newly established department focused on the growing home segment.

My role includes research, ideation and exploration into the RACV home space, design and facilitation of innovation workshops and the creation of best practice documentation. I'm looking forward to what the future holds.

Kai Chen

RACV Graduate Leisure Services Analyst, Kai Chen, sits for a photo

Third Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Leisure Services

Master of Business (Applied Finance) & Bachelor of Business (International Business), Queensland University of Technology

After my first year at RACV, I feel I have gained an extraordinary amount of experience and development. Last year was an exciting one for RACV, as we welcomed a new CEO. As a graduate, it was exhilarating to experience the changes as integrated innovative millennial ideas into a century-old renowned Victorian brand.

For my third rotation, I’m currently embedded within the Revenue Management & Strategy team of the Leisure Services department, a newly created team as part of the restructure. I’m currently working on exciting and innovative projects that will enhance value for RACV members and Victorians alike.

The Graduate Program has been challenging but rewarding, and I look forward to leveraging the knowledge and experiences I’ve obtained throughout the program as I progress through my career.

Alex Patten

RACV Graduate Home Innovation Analyst, Alex Patten, sits for a photo

Third Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Home Innovation Team

Bachelor of Business & Commerce, University of Newcastle

RACV’s Graduate Program is the perfect combination of challenging work, diverse experiences and a fantastic support network that allows you to develop professionally and personally.

I took a risk by leaving another job and moving from Newcastle for RACV and I’ve not once doubted that I made the right decision. I’ve found the work I’ve undertaken in the Insurance, Membership and Home Innovation teams incredibly challenging and subsequently incredibly rewarding. The people around me have been the stand out factor in delivering this environment.

RACV employees highly value graduates and give you back as much as you put in. From the people in my teams, to the HR staff who coordinate the graduates, to current and past graduates, everyone is eager to help you develop the way you want while you make actual contributions to the running and improvement of the organisation.

Nick Campbell

RACV Graduate Golf Membership Consultant, Nick Campbell, sits for a photo

Third Rotation – Graduate Consultant, Golf Membership

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & International Commerce), Monash University

I initially applied for the RACV Graduate Program because of the organisation’s strong community values and substantial presence in the Victorian commercial environment.

In my first two rotations, I have been engaged as a business analyst in the Membership Team and product analyst in the Motoring Team. My main responsibilities as a business analyst included preparing monthly reports on key business areas and assisting with business planning components for the next financial year. Following that role, my main tasks as a product consultant included analysis on product tiers and channel development.

I have been given the opportunity to take the lead on several projects relating to creating internal incentive campaigns, designing strategic product reviews, evaluating potential partnerships and researching web analytics. It is a very exciting period to be a part of the program as the rotation opportunities have become increasingly more diverse – demonstrated by my last rotation as a product consultant in the Golf Membership Team.

The highlight of the program is the extensive network of past graduates who are continuously available for helpful advice and support. The number of past graduates still employed by RACV speaks volumes of the organisation’s values and success.

Nick Paton

Former RACV Motoring and Mobility Product Development Coordinator, Nick Paton, sits for a photo

Product Development Coordinator, Motoring & Mobility

Bachelor of Business (Economics & Marketing), Swinburne University of Technology

After completing the Graduate Program in 2014 I began working as a Campaign Analyst in the Marketing department. My responsibilities revolved around monitoring outbound campaign effectiveness and providing insights back to product areas on how they could improve their targeting for future campaigns.

After a year as a Campaign Analyst I was successful in acquiring my current role as Motoring Product Coordinator. Within this role it is my responsibility to manage a core group of Motoring products and make sure they are delivering great value to our members.

I’m really thrilled with the way my career is shaping and I owe my start entirely to the RACV Graduate Program.

Dominique Torpy

Former Public Policy for Public Transport and Mobility Officer, Dominique Torpy, sits for a photoPublic Transport and Mobility Officer, Public Policy

Bachelor of Science (Geography & Environmental Science) and Master of Social Science (Environment & Planning), RMIT

The Graduate Program exposed me to a wide variety of business areas. Each department was completely different and came with new challenges, responsibilities and management styles. This meant I was constantly developing my skill set and learning new things. This is what made the program really valuable and an exceptional foundation to my professional career.

Once I completed the program, I secured a position within the Public Policy department as the Public Transport and Mobility Officer. This role allows me to draw on my background in urban planning as well as the skills I developed throughout my time as a Graduate.

Lucy Kight

Former Home Services Product Coordinator, Lucy Kite, sits for a photoProduct Coordinator, Home Services

Bachelor of Business (Economics), Monash University

After completing a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Economics, I was looking for a Graduate Program that allowed me to further develop my interests and capabilities. My rotations throughout the program included Motoring and Mobility, Leisure Services and Home Services. Being exposed to such a broad range of business areas has helped me understand what career path I wanted to take, whilst getting a good overview of the company.

In my current role as a Product Coordinator in Home Services, I have undertaken a variety of important tasks including data analysis, report writing and project management. There has been an abundance of support from all levels of the organisation, which I believe is vital for a successful transition to a full time career.

Chris Cefala

Former RACV Finance and Accounting Services Management Account, Chris Cefala, sits for a photo

Management Accountant, Finance & Accounting Services

Bachelor of Science (Finance & Psychology), University of Melbourne

The RACV Graduate Program is unique in that it provides exposure to three very different parts of the organisation. I believe the Graduate Program is a great start to a career as it fosters decision making in a sometimes challenging environment to really provide the graduate with a chance to put their skills to use and make informed business decisions. Graduates at RACV are definitely given meaningful work and their contribution is often valued on high profile projects.

The organisation is built upon a hard working culture whilst also providing a great work-life balance and this is what makes it such a great place to not only work but learn and develop new skills along the way.

As a Management Accountant I still use the skills I learnt on the graduate program to better understand my internal stakeholders and because of this I am confident that I can continue to build my career whilst facing any new challenges along the way.

Potential career paths at the RACV image featuring icons


Each of our Graduates is provided with a Mentor to help guide them with their career and professional development. With your Mentor you will have the opportunity to reflect on professional challenges and opportunities and gain insight from an experienced professional with a wealth of experience. You will also be assigned a buddy, in each rotation, to help you make a smooth transition into your new role.

Graduate alumni network

At RACV we have a large network of Graduate Alumni, which is an important source of new friends and business contacts. We often provide alumni only events, and the chance to work with your Graduate peers through company-wide projects. Keeping up with the Graduates is a great way to share your experiences and provide each other with advice and support throughout your program.

Training and development

Each of our Graduates is provided with an individual development plan, designed for those in the early stages of their career. By using the 70/20/10 learning rule as inspiration, we are able to enhance learning practically in the workplace with the aim to smoothen the transition from university life to the workplace.

Step 1: Online application

The first impression you make is with your online application. Before submitting an application, be sure to highlight any achievements, relevant skills, knowledge and experiences you have and how it aligns with our Graduate Program. This can include any work-related experiences or involvement in the community.

Requirements: Academic transcripts, updated resume and cover letter

Step 2: Cognitive assessments

You will then be sent out a series of cognitive assessment testing via email. These tests are to help us understand you as a person, the types of decisions you make and how you deal with scenarios that will be presented to you during the Graduate Program

Types of tests:

Numerical Reasoning – you will be required to answer questions using facts and figures presented

Verbal Reasoning –measures your ability to select a word based on other words and their relationships or analogies

Inductive Reasoning – measures your ability to logically and rationally solve problems based on observed patterns.

Tip – It’s recommended that you complete these tests in a quiet area, avoid possible distractions and allow yourself adequate time to get them finished.

Step 3: Telephone screen

If you’re successful after submitting the online application and cognitive testing, our People and Culture team will call you to discuss your application further and find out more about you.

Tip – This your opportunity to explain why you have chosen to apply for our Graduate Program, and discuss your understanding of RACV, and what you hope to accomplish if you are selected.

Step 4: Assessment centre

If you are selected to progress, you will be invited to take part in an Assessment Centre. The Assessment Centre runs for approximately three hours and covers a range of activities including:

  • Brief individual presentation
  • Group case study and presentation
  • Q&A with RACV’s current Graduates

The aim is that by the end of the Assessment Centre we would have had the opportunity to get to know you better and you will be able to determine whether RACV is the right fit for you.

Tip – This is an opportunity to present yourself professionally and show us your ability to work as part of a team, and contribute to the day’s activities. This is a good time to ask any questions you have and remember to be yourself!

Step 5: Competency-based interview

If you are successful after the Assessment Centre, you will be invited for a competency-based interview. This interview will include behavioural based questions that assess competencies important to our business objectives as well as some more general questions

Tip – We are seeking to understand how you have dealt with previous scenarios in both your professional/student life. What was the task on hand? What actions did you take? What were the results?

Step 6: Panel presentation

The panel presentation is a chance for you to present your findings from a business case to our Senior Management team. There is nothing that you can prepare for prior; you will have adequate time to prepare on the day before the presentation. Just bring your positive attitude and great ideas!


When does the RACV Graduate Program start?
The 2018 RACV Graduate Program will begin in early January 2018.

How long is the Graduate Program?
The program is 18 months and incorporates three six-month rotations in different business units.

Can I choose my rotations?
Graduates are encouraged to discuss their preferences with the Graduate Program Manager; however placements will also depend on business needs.

What is the salary?
For 2018, RACV’s Graduate salary is $65,777 including superannuation. This is a competitive salary aligned with market trends and is reviewed each year.

Am I guaranteed a job after completion of the program?
Graduates are permanent employees from the commencement of the Graduate Program. Upon completion of the program graduates are responsible for driving their career in the direction they choose.


What do you look for in Graduates?
We look for graduates that show high energy, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn, as well as graduates who are results driven and eager to embrace new environments.

What competencies do you measure?
We measure competencies such as communication skills, the ability to thrive in a team environment as well as work autonomously, influencing and negotiating skills, the ability to adapt to new environments and a drive for results.

What sort of university results are you looking for?
We look for graduates who are well rounded with sound academic results that are achieved while maintaining other commitments including part-time work and/or other extracurricular activities.


What university qualifications do I need?
Our Graduate Program is a generalist program so we recruit graduates from all disciplines including Business, Commerce, Arts, Law, Science, Engineering, Education and many more!

When should I have completed my degree to be eligible?
The Graduate Program is designed for those who are currently completing a Bachelor Degree or Postgraduate studies or have completed a Degree or Postgraduate studies in in the past two years.

What residency status do I need?
To apply for the 2018 RACV Graduate Program you must either be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or an Australian Permanent Resident, or eligible to work permanently in Australia.


When do applications open?
Applications are now closed. Come back for updates about future applications.

How many Graduate positions will there be?
It depends on business needs but we tend to appoint between 5-8 graduates each year.

How long will the process take?
Our Graduate Recruitment Consultants will be in touch at the various stages of the process. Some stages do take longer to complete given the hundreds of applications we receive.


Have a question? Email our graduate recruitment team at

Work for a membership organisation and one of Victoria's leading employers in insurance, hospitality, marketing, tourism and more.