Graduate recruitment

The RACV Graduate Program is an 18-month program with three diverse business rotations in which graduates gain valuable knowledge of various business operations and the industries in which RACV operates.

The program aims to provide graduates with a range of skills and experiences that will assist them in advancing their career at RACV. Rotations allocated to graduates are designed to match individual interests and skills as well as the needs of the business.

Each graduate is assigned a mentor who provides support and guidance throughout the 18-month program.

Graduates are managed on a daily basis by their allocated business unit manager and are also provided with a 'buddy' within this department. 

Additionally, the HR Graduate Program Manager remains a constant champion and provides assistance to graduates throughout the rotations.


I felt like I was depended upon and the work was meaningful.

Max Massingham, 2016 RACV Graduate

How to apply

Applicants need to meet the following criteria:

  • Australian citizen or permanent resident, or be eligible to work permanently in Australia.
  • Successful completion of undergraduate or postgraduate studies.
  • Pass a police check.

The recruitment process involves several steps, including:

  • Online application via the RACV website.
  • Telephone screening.
  • Cognitive assessment.
  • Assessment centres.
  • Competency-based interviews.
  • Panel presentations.

Applications for the 2017 RACV Graduate Program closed at 5pm on Friday, 1 April 2016.

Check the career opportunities page for announcements about the 2018 RACV Graduate Program.

Hannah Stephen

Bachelor of Biomedical Science & Bachelor of Science, Monash University

First Rotation – Graduate Commercial Analyst, Commercial

Originating from an academic background in science, using logic, rationale and problem-solving in business operations has always interested me. I recognised the RACV Graduate Program as the perfect vehicle for my transition from a scientific discipline to business.

The RACV provides a broad overview of how a successful member-oriented business is run. Three six-month rotations in vastly different business areas and departments, each with their own responsibilities and challenges, provide an in-depth learning experience.

I'm currently in my first rotation as a graduate commercial analyst. I gain exposure to associate businesses, build reporting, advisory and analytical skills, develop business acumen and collaborate with those in my team, other departments and external businesses to deliver a project.


Kai Chen

Master of Business (Applied Finance) & Bachelor of Business (International Business), Queensland University of Technology

First Rotation – Graduate Business Analyst, Motoring & Mobility

Although I am only currently in my first rotation, I feel I have already gained a deep understanding of RACV’s operations and have improved many skills while learning new ones.

The transition was challenging for me, as I had to relocate from Brisbane. The RACV former graduates and all other staff have been extraordinarily helpful in assisting me with a large change.

Currently I am working as an analyst within the Motoring & Mobility department. My responsibilities include a mix of work and, given my background, tasks I am very familiar with. There are also tasks that fall outside my comfort zone which can be challenging, but they provide an excellent opportunity for me to develop as a professional. I believe they will assist in my transition into other service streams upon completion of the Graduate Program.

Molly Ennor

Bachelor of Commerce, Deakin University

First Rotation – Graduate Communications Consultant, Marketing

RACV really stood out to me as an exciting place to begin my corporate career as it is such a large, diverse and successful organisation. Having completed a Bachelor of Commerce at university, I had little experience in the workforce, so I was eager to have the opportunity to work in a number of business areas to establish more of an understanding of where I wanted to drive my career.

I am currently working in Marketing as a communications consultant. This is a really stimulating role as I have the opportunity to work on exciting projects such as creating marketing campaigns for resorts and assist in event planning. The depth and diversity of my role provides me with significant responsibility and the chance to really challenge myself within the workplace, demonstrating RACV’s willingness to trust their graduates and believe in our ability to succeed.

Nick Campbell

Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing & International Commerce), Monash University

First Rotation – Graduate Business Analyst, Membership

I applied for the RACV Graduate Program because of the organisation’s strong community values and substantial presence in the Victorian commercial environment.

In my first rotation I'm engaged as a business analyst in the Membership Department. My main responsibilities include preparing monthly reports on key business areas and assisting with business planning components for the next financial year. I have been given the opportunity to take the lead on several projects relating to developing web content, evaluating product strategy and researching web analytics.

The highlight of the program is the extensive network of past graduates who are continuously available for helpful advice and support. The number of past graduates still employed by RACV speaks volumes of the organisation’s values and success.

Courtney Dufty

Bachelor of Commerce & Bachelor of Public Health and Health Promotion, Deakin University

First Rotation – Graduate Transport Policy Analyst, Public Policy

I was drawn to RACV’s Graduate Program because of its generalist structure. It provides each graduate the opportunity to see where their individual strengths and passions lie. This structure proved very important for my personal and professional development.

At present, I am working with the Roads and Traffic team in the Public Policy department. It has increased my knowledge of how RACV supports and advocates on important issues on behalf of its members. This is at the forefront of all RACV’s operations. Additionally, it has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to network with other departments and members of senior management.

Embedded in RACV’s culture are the values of respect, honesty and empowerment. This culture is evident throughout the entire organisation and it’s easy to see why RACV has such a long and rich history.

Alex Patten

Bachelor of Business & Commerce, University of Newcastle

First Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Insurance

I decided to move from Newcastle to Melbourne to begin my career with RACV. Currently in my first rotation in the insurance division, the choice to move has already been greatly rewarded. The opportunity to contribute to an incredibly friendly, welcoming and supportive team has given me confidence that I've made the right decision. My responsibilities involve reporting and working on a diverse range of projects for business improvement.

The close-­knit graduate community is another amazing aspect of the program. There is an astounding level of support from past and present grads and it’s great to see how successful people have become after going through the program.

The Graduate Program is held in high regard by all employees as a means of developing future leaders who can carry the culture of inclusion and equality forward.

Rachel Tan

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), University of Melbourne

First Rotation – Graduate Business Analyst, Automotive Services

Currently, I am working within the Automotive Services division. I am continually developing my understanding of how each business unit operates, the current and future challenges they face and potential strategies they may implement. My role includes reporting and business­ planning and I have the opportunity to contribute in meetings covering a whole range of operational and performance aspects. Questions are encouraged and innovative thinking is recognised which makes each day stimulating and fulfilling.

By having unparalleled access to all levels of management, an assigned senior management mentor and ‘buddy,’ and a well-­established graduate network, support is clearly abundant. Everyone within your growing network is more than willing to lend a helping hand to develop you and guide you on your path to long-­term success.

Joanne Nguyen

Bachelor of Business (Professional Accountancy), RMIT

First Rotation – Graduate Consultant, Goldfields Resort

In my current rotation I have had the opportunity to work at RACV Goldfields Resort. My role as a graduate consultant is to help facilitate development projects during the resort's transitional phase as well as assist with many tasks.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the hands-on aspect of this role and look forward to coming into work with something different to do every day. As RACV is a mutual organisation, it has a very member-driven focus. This is exercised through the culture of the organisation, from staff members to the products and services RACV offers. It is this quality that truly makes RACV a great place to work.

Madeline Heristanidis

Bachelor of Arts (Criminology & Sociology) & Master of Laws (Juris Doctor), Monash University

Third Rotation – Graduate Consultant, Human Resources

I was drawn to RACV’s Graduate Program because of the organisation’s rich history and reputation. The program provides invaluable corporate experience and I am confident that at the conclusion of the program I will be well prepared for the next chapter of my career. My time at RACV has been very rewarding. I have worked on a number of different projects including RACV’s Corporate Plan where I assisted in its production, publication and launch. To be able to see my ideas and input come to life in the final product exemplifies that as a RACV graduate you have a voice.

I am currently in my final rotation working in Human Resources. My role includes co-ordinating the Graduate Program as well as working within the Employee Relations team. The diversity of my role has given me the opportunity to work with different levels of management and ultimately build my rapport within the organisation. I am very excited about my future here at RACV.

Louise Lee

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Business (Marketing), Monash University

Third Rotation – Graduate Operations Analyst, Hospitality Support Services

RACV is an excellent workplace that provides a platform for both professional and personal development. It is a deeply challenging and rewarding environment that encourages continuous learning. The Graduate Program offers a fantastic opportunity to work in a range of business areas, and that has helped me with deciding my career path upon the program’s conclusion.

I am currently based in the city, undertaking my final rotation as an Operations Analyst. My role involves engaging in critical data analysis, building reports and standardising the operating procedures for our Club and Resorts. I have grown extensively over the course of the program and believe I now possess the skills necessary to succeed in my career.

Laura Polack

Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of International Relations, La Trobe University

Third Rotation – Graduate Consultant, RACV Club and Resorts

I wanted to start my career at RACV as it is commercially competitive without compromising its genuine commitment to members and the wider Victorian community.

The Graduate Program allows invaluable insight into RACV as a whole. There are numerous networking and professional development opportunities, and at the conclusion of the graduate program participants are better able to determine which business areas they are best suited to work in.

As a graduate I feel my contributions are valued, and senior members of staff provide the support and guidance needed for me to take more initiative. RACV is dedicated to the growth and development of its graduates, and in my first year I have already actively participated in business planning, presented to the Executive Committee and been given significant project management responsibilities.

Max Massingham

Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Commerce, Monash University

Third Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Member Contact Centre

With the graduate program you are able to take your skills to greater heights while developing others you might otherwise have not acquired. Coming from a broad-­based educational background, the opportunity to experience such an organisation as RACV has been invaluable to me.

For my third rotation as a business support analyst in the Member Contact Centre, I’ve been able to experience the infrastructure behind the operation of a call centre. It has been fascinating to be exposed to the level of detail, data and organisation that goes into delivering an efficient member experience, without sacrificing quality. Getting a fully formed picture of a major part of RACV, while simultaneously challenging me to acquire more complex data analytics skills, has resulted in a highly rewarding third rotation.

Bethany Major

Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Commerce (Finance), Monash University

Third Rotation – Graduate Tax Consultant, Finance & Accounting Services

The RACV Graduate Program is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the inner workings of a market-leading organisation while being supported in the early stages of your corporate career. The program, and the workplace generally, is also thoroughly supportive, with a strong emphasis on work/life balance. Along with approachable team leaders and managers, graduates are assigned a senior management mentor who is able to assist you with setting and attaining long-term career goals. Current and previous graduates at RACV are also available to provide advice and tips.

My third rotation is with the RACV Tax Team where I am assisting with the preparation of the group's Income Tax and Fringe Benefits Tax returns, monthly Business Activity Statements, and other tax-related investigative work.

Cameron Donley

Bachelor of Business Management (Marketing), University of Queensland

Third Rotation – Graduate Analyst, Motoring & Mobility

Moving from Brisbane to Melbourne for the RACV Graduate Program was a big step, but the transition was an easy one due to the great support I received from the RACV team. RACV has a great culture built around supporting its grads on both a professional and a personal level.

My time at RACV has been a great experience. I am in my final rotation, working within the Motoring and Mobility department, having previously worked in Membership, and Club and Resorts. Each rotation has been a unique and challenging experience. Some projects and tasks draw directly on your knowledge and experience from university while others are more challenging and require you to use your problem-solving skills. All of these experiences provide a great platform  to launch a professional career and they ensure you are prepared for whatever challenges you face after you finish the graduate program.