Guide to carpet cleaning, maintenance, and installation

Carpet installation underway

If you're looking to install new carpet, repair what you have, or give it a new lease on life with a thorough clean, there are ways to keep the process fuss-free.

While it may seem like a straightforward aspect of your home, if not done correctly, carpet laying and repair can quickly escalate into costly projects. 

Planning ahead is key and can easily take the confusion out of the process. Whether it's hiring a professional to ensure your new carpet is fitted correctly or finding the right tools to restore damaged carpet to its original condition, we share our best tips and tricks on how to turn a fuzzy experience into a breezy project!

Installing carpet: a step by step guide

Installing new carpet doesn't have to be a burden, even if there seem to be a lot to consider. If you break down the installation process into actionable steps, you'll find that laying new carpet can be a fun and worthwhile.

Ready to install that new carpet in your home? Below is a breakdown of the standard carpet installation process:

  • Pick up carpet samples

    Pick up some carpet samples from a hardware store and bring them home to see which one works best for the room(s).

  • Know the room well

    Measure the room(s) to calculate how much carpet is needed and plan the pre-installation cleaning.

  • Estimate the cost

    If working with a tradie, estimate the installation cost and time so you won't get any surprises along the way.

  • Book the installation

    Be aware of what's involved on the installation day, including surface preparation and rubbish removal.

  • Clean and install

    Staples may need to be removed from hard floor first or old carpet may need to be ripped out before the new one is laid. 

  • Remove hard rubbish

    After installation, take care of any hard rubbish removal and remove any tools before a good vacuum to finish your install!

Maintaining your carpet

Glass of red wine spilled on carpet

There comes a time when your carpet needs a little tender loving care. Whether it’s wine spills or pets ripping into their favourite spot, your carpet bears the brunt of daily wear and tear. 

Here are some common types of carpet damage along with ways to remedy them before it's too late:

  • Spills

    Spills can be unavoidable but that doesn't make the horror of seeing red wine splattered over your carpet less daunting. Attend to the spill as soon as possible by removing all food and beverage from the area, then apply a stain remover according to the instructions. For a more natural cleaning solution, try vinegar.

  • Tufting

    Tufting is when carpet threads come loose and rise above the rest of the threads making the carpet look unkempt. The best way to minimise damage is to avoid pulling the threats out and instead cut them loose altogether. If the damage still looks obvious, consider having similar thread sewn in place of it.

  • Burns

    Burned or singed carpets from a fallen iron or cigarette butts can leave unwanted and lasting marks. The best remedy is to cut out the damaged piece of carpet and replace it with parts of the original carpet if available or with something similar.

  • Ripples and bulging

    This happens when a carpet comes loose off the edge and causes ripples across the room. This can be a trip hazard and is unpleasant to look at. This can be remedied by re-stretching and tightening the carpet to its edges.

Carpet maintenance tips

When it comes to keeping your carpet in tip-top shape, we have a few tips you may find useful:

Compare carpet repair and replacement

You’ll be surprised as to what carpet damage can be fixed so before you need to replace it altogether, so you may consider the cost of small-scale repairs and save yourself some money.

Keep excess carpet for future repairs

One of the best things to do after carpet installation is to keep any leftover material. That way you'll have it on hand if you have to repair your carpet in the future. It will also save you the headache of having to look for similar carpet colour and texture later.

Don't forget the after-care

The best way to keep carpet in good condition is to set some ground rules such as regular cleaning or no food and drink on carpet. A regular vacuum and spray can also be enhanced by steam cleaning for a thorough cleanse.

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