Victorian budget a win for roads and public transport

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May 2018 Melbourne motorists will need a solid dose of patience as roadworks have emerged as a key feature of the Victorian State Budget which invests in new transport projects and a renewal of the State’s deteriorating roads.

The budget delivers long term gains for commuters who will also face some travel pains while the works are done.

RACV welcomes this vital spending required to upgrade major roads to keep our city moving but warns that motorists will face major short-term delays, especially during peak travel times.

It says these much-needed projects will change traffic flows across the city.

“While these projects are being built, Victorian drivers will face prolonged roadworks requiring people to plan ahead before they start their journeys,” said RACV’s General Manager of Public Policy and Corporate Affairs, Bryce Prosser.

Suburban road upgrades including Sunbury Road, Epping Road, and Narre Warren-Cranbourne Road are good news for drivers commuting from Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

RACV’s Growing Pains report highlighted that by 2030, Melbourne outer suburbs will support a larger population than the existing inner and middle suburbs. It is therefore vital the Government think long-term, and this Budget makes a solid start in this area,” said Mr Prosser.

Regional roads will also get a major boost with $333 million for repairs. Local councils will also be able to tap into $100 million for regional road upgrades.

A new body Regional Roads Victoria, separate from Vicroads, has been created to take responsibility for the program.

“RACV alongside local councils have been crying out not only for more funding to fix severely distressed roads, but also in more accountability in how regional road restoration projects are prioritised,” said Mr Prosser.

“Market research conducted by RACV showed that over 40 per cent of respondents in country Victoria thought their roads would be in better shape if regional road maintenance was separated from Vicroads. It is fantastic to see this important structural change being put in place,” he said.

RACV hopes that regional rail commuters plagued by reliability issues will see less disruption arising from investments in regional track and trains, and some new services to Seymour and Shepparton.

“Regional towns need quality rail services they can rely on. RACV’s On Track survey identified that one of regional commuters’ pet hates is the replacement of trains with coach services. In many cases, these replacement bus services double journey times, meaning that commuters risk missing appointments and cannot rely on these services,” Mr Prosser said.

With rising energy costs, Victorian home owners will benefit from a $50 sign up bonus for comparing energy providers – a policy aimed at increasing the competitive offers of energy providers.

“RACV strongly believes in consumers shopping around for the best energy deal. Many Victorians currently stay with their incumbent energy provider, and may be stuck on outdated plans which don’t suit their needs. Encouraging Victorians to shop around is a positive action which will encourage Victorians to be better informed about their cost of energy,” Mr Prosser said.

The announcement of $25 million to deliver on community-led crime prevention is also a good move to encourage innovative community-based solutions.

“Solving crime-related issues requires a collaborative and community approach which government cannot do alone,” said Mr Prosser.

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