RACV calls for speed camera review

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RACV has called for a speedy expert review of cyber-security of the state’s speed-camera system after an apparent ransomware virus infection.

RACV said that the review needed to be conducted quickly so that confidence in the system can be restored, and the cameras can again catch motorists who endanger lives by running red lights.

Dave Jones, RACV’s manager roads and traffic, said the decision to temporarily hold infringement notices from sites affected by the virus is right.

“Public trust in the speed and red-light camera enforcement system is critical, and this event will leave Victorians wondering whether it is secure,” he said.

“If the investigation finds the accuracy of the cameras has been affected, the infringements should be cancelled,” Mr Jones said.

Almost 10,000 fines have been suspended or cancelled as a result of the virus.

Victorian police minister Lisa Neville told the media that it was her understanding that the private fixed speed camera operator Redflex was aware of the problem with the cameras from 15 June but had not notified relevant authorities. Instead she said the company rebooted and repaired the system.

Ms Neville said the Department of Justice became aware that 55 cameras had become infected between 16 June and 19 June.

A total of 97 cameras have been identified as having the virus. The virus was placed in cameras by mistake during routine maintenance by a contractor.

Fines for the state’s 280 fixed red-light and speed camera have been placed on hold until the Road Safety Camera Commissioner, John Voyage, completes a full investigation.

Mr Voyage told media outlets that the review would be speedy and thorough.

RACV’s Dave Jones said drivers need to stop for a yellow traffic light if it is safe to do so.

All of Victoria’s 280 red light and speed cameras will be reviewed in the coming weeks to make sure they have not been infected with a software virus. Officials warn that all cameras will remain operational.

Written by RACV
June 26, 2017