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The fight to win seats in Victoria is seeing a renewed interest in the North East Link to complete the M80 Metropolitan Ring Road.

Update – The Federal Coalition and Labor Parties have both announced investigations into building the North East Link. The announcements supersede some of the information in this blog post.

The North East Link project resonates for many voters across north, north-east and eastern Melbourne, because it would dramatically reduce their travel times and genuinely make life better for many people living on or near the congested rat-runs through the north eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The project is particularly relevant for people in the seats of Aston, Bruce, Chisholm, Deakin, Jagajaga, McEwen and Menzies.

Further afield, people in regional Victoria could bypass some of the busiest roads and most congested parts of Melbourne as they travel between Gippsland and areas north of Melbourne, like the seat of McEwen.


If you support North East Link as a priority for Victoria, then use our online tool to tell the candidates that you expect them and their party to announce it as part of the 2016 Federal Election.

RACV is only aware of four Federal Election candidates expressing support for the project.

Liberal candidate and MP in Menzies, Kevin Andrews, stated in a media release on 8th April 2016

Mr Andrews is also fighting for the “missing link” between the Metropolitan Ring Road and the Eastern Freeway.

The Liberal candidate for Jagajaga, David Mulholland, is also publicly calling for the North East Link.

Support has also been expressed by the National’s Darren Chester, Member for Gippsland.

However, the Federal Liberal and National Parties have not yet declared that they will commit any funds to the North East Link if they form the next Federal Government, despite prominent local Federal MP’s and their local candidates expressing their personal support.

Independent Stephen Mayne, a candidate in Menzies, is also a supporter of the North East Link and recently tweeted about the link.

It is vital that you want North East Link you let the candidates know. Use our online tool to send them a personal message, so they know that their commitment as well as that of their party will influence how you vote.

The Federal Labor Party has not expressed any support for or against the North East Link.

The Greens Party transport policy opposes any ‘mega-road projects’ so we can only conclude that they are not supporting the construction of the North East Link.

If you are a candidate and support the North East Link, send us a link to your policy.

(Image Source: Feature image supplied by G.K. of Resolve Rosanna Road, showing Rosanna Road closed following a truck hitting a roadside power pole in April 2016.)

Updated 10 June 2016 to include support of David Mulholland, Liberal candidate for Jagajaga. Jaga Jaga amended to Jagajaga. Included electorates for Stephen Mayne and Kevin Andrews MP.

Updated 29 June 2016 to include links to posts about Coalition and Labor announcing planning studies for North East Link.

Written by Brian Negus, General Manager Public Policy
June 08, 2016