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Close up of a milk way sled

Every year I am filled with lots of creative ideas and intentions of getting organised early and making ‘foodie’ gifts for all of my friends and family.

However, every year Christmas comes around a little faster, or at least that's how it feels. Oh well, perhaps next year!

This year my inspiration was these Milky Way sleds. They are super cute, a great way to get the kids involved in the kitchen and they taste great too. They’re also a great treat to leave out for Santa.

Milky Way Sleighs

1 pkt mini Milky Way bars (in multi-packs)
1 pkt mini candy canes
1 box of Tiny Teddies chocolate coated biscuits
1 pkt choc buds (for melting)


  1. It is a good idea to have the Milky Way bars in the fridge to make handling and cutting them easier.
  2. Using a sharp knife (best if an adult does this) slice Milky Way bars into two pieces, using two thirds for the front and a third for the rear. The teddy biscuits will be sandwiched between these. If the chocolate bars are a little too long, you may have to cut a piece out of the middle, as I did.
  3. Pair the candy canes so all are similar in size.
  4. Melt chocolate (according to directions on packet) and using a flat or small palette knife, place chocolate evenly on the base of the large piece of the chocolate bar and then press candy canes lightly on to the melted chocolate so that they are secured and stick to the bottom. Allow to sit a minute or two to set.
  5. Place a small amount of chocolate on the inner side and base of the remaining piece of Milky Way bar, attach teddy to this piece and then attach to candy canes.
  6. Place in an airtight container, in a cool place (or fridge) until ready to eat.

Happy making, baking, giving and, of course, eating!

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