Coalition commitment to commence North East Link

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Today’s announcement that a re-elected Coalition Government will commit $5 million to planning investigations to determine the route for the Metropolitan Ring Road – North East Link is a vital step forwards with this critically needed project for Melbourne. RACV has strongly supported this project as our top road link for many years and this commitment is good news for all Victorians.

The North East Link is particularly important to many voters in north, north-east and eastern Melbourne, but also to regions further beyond.

RACV looks forward to the State Government at least matching the promise to enable work to begin on the options study later this year. The North East Link has already been listed by Infrastructure Australia and also in the options paper from Infrastructure Victoria.

RACV also calls upon the other major parties and candidates to state their position with respect to the North East Link, so that Victorians can factor that into their decision making when they come to vote. You can send a custom email to the candidates in the major parties using our online tool.

An illustration for the Keep Australia Moving campaign from RACV
Written by Brian Negus
June 23, 2016