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Community connections

Burglary hotspots
Safer east and Melbourne fringe
Lock up cars, even at home
Lock up sheds
Daylight robbery
Monitored alarms

Facebook is a new way to connect communities and combat crime, says Latrobe community liaison officer leading senior constable Brett Godden.

These days, if police are looking for information about an offender, one place they turn is Facebook.

Many Victorian police service areas have their own Facebook page; just search ‘eyewatch’ in Facebook to see if your area is covered.

In Eastern Victoria, Latrobe and Bass Coast have Eyewatch Facebook pages and they’ve helped increase communication between the police and community, Brett says.

“The pages are a great asset to the community focus of policing.”

Brett says while it’s helped police charge offenders, the biggest benefit is communicating with the community, especially in an emergency.

Burglary hotspots

Eastern Victoria is home to three postcodes in the top 40 most burgled, down from six the previous year.

Generally, the area has fewer burglaries than the state average, but there are a few hotspots.

Morwell, Sale and Rosebud West ranked in the top 40, and generally nearby suburbs were more burgled than the state average of one in 73.

This year, an average of one in 44 homes were burgled in Morwell, which ranked 27 in the top 40.

Nearby,  Churchill had an average of one 55 homes burgled, and Moe had an average of one in 60.

But one suburb over, Traralgon ranked below the state average, with one in 80 homes burgled.

Further east, Sale also ranked 30 in the top 40, with one in 45 homes burgled on average.

On the Mornington Peninsula, an average of one in 50 homes are burgled in Rosebud West. Rosebud West is a new addition to the top 40 this year.

Nearby Dromana, McCrae, Rosebud and Rye were more burgled than the state average.

Safer east and Melbourne fringe

Generally, crime rates are low in Eastern Victoria. Bairnsdale is a low one in 118, Warragul one in 126 homes and Inverloch one in 192.

Postcodes in Melbourne’s outer east such as Lilydale, Belgrave, Yarra Junction, Monbulk, and Pakenham all fall below the state average.

Search your suburb to find trends from the past five years.

Lock up cars, even at home

While your home is your castle, it won’t stop thieves from having a look in your driveway.

In the Latrobe area, community liaison officer leading senior constable Brett Godden says theft from cars is a problem.

People don’t take the same precautions with their cars at home as they would in shopping centres.

“A large number of our thefts from cars occur in residential streets or driveways and the majority are unlocked with items clearly visible,” he says.

Brett says it’s best to remove all valuables from the car and then lock it.

Lock up sheds

He says theft from sheds is also a problem.

“Much the same as the cars, people will lock their house but leave the shed door unlocked,” he says.

“Garden tools, tradie’s tools and the like are then stolen from these garages and sheds.”

Daylight robbery

Burglaries don’t just happen at night, according to Brett.

He says a number of burglaries are committed during daylight hours, sometimes with the victim in the backyard, with the offender entering through an unlocked front door.

“Whenever you leave your house lock the doors and windows,” he says.

“Even if it is just to pop up the street for shopping or pick up the kids. It only takes a few minutes for someone to get in and steal a TV.”

Brett says using CCTV and alarm systems can assist police to help identify offenders if something does happen.

Monitored alarms

RACV general manager home services Aaron Flavell says even if you live in a safe area, it’s important to be careful.  

“Whether it’s your home or holiday home, make sure it’s secure,” he says.

“Fortunately, many precautionary measures are free or low-cost, but for peace of mind, the most effective deterrent is an alarm system backed up by a CCTV surveillance system.”

“This combination really does seem to have the maximum deterrent effect”.

“Also, if a break-in does occur, one of the biggest benefits of installing a professionally monitored alarm is the peace of mind knowing that assistance is readily available when you are not there”

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This is the ninth in RoyalAuto's Safe as Houses series, which reports on the long-term burglary statistics in Victoria’s regions. RACV has worked with Victorian Police Crime statistics and the Census data to compile these figures since 1997.

The final in the series will be a wrap-up of Victoria, with on overview of crime and crime prevention in the whole state. 

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Written by RACV
February 22, 2019