Drones Help RACV Members During Fire Season

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With the bushfire season approaching, RACV is again preparing to fast-track any insurance claims for any Victorians who are impacted. RACV has already pioneered the use of drones (otherwise known as unmanned aircraft systems) to view the damage caused by devastating bushfires in the Great Ocean Road area last summer.

Cameras mounted on the drones captured images of the damaged properties which allowed RACV Insurance to assess the damage and start to process member claims immediately, before physical access to the sites had been granted by authorities.

RACV Insurance has several drones uses to help assess any damage, and Mark Geraghty, general manager of RACV Insurance, says their use makes the experience safer, simpler and faster for members.

“The aerial imagery from drones allows assessors and members to review damage from a safe location, removing the risks associated with physical site visits such as exposed asbestos, fallen power lines and land slips.”

Mr Geraghty said the technology is an exciting new step forward and will complement the personal touch of the RACV Member Emergency Response Vehicle (MERV), which will continue to be deployed to assist members on the ground, as well as the RACV claims team which is available 24/7.

“RACV Insurance will do all it can to ensure our members who are affected by bushfires can get back on their feet quickly,” he says.

Mark encourages everyone, particularly those who will be on holiday in bushfire-prone areas, to make use of the CFA website, cfa.vic.gov.au, to learn about how to stay safe. The VicEmergency app for smartphones and tablet computers also provides warnings and information. It’s free from the App Store and Google Play. The Bushfire Information Line is 1800 240 667.