Give VicRoads feedback about roads in South West Victoria

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An opportunity to give feedback to the CEO of VicRoads about the condition of roads in South West Victoria has arisen, with a forum being held in Portland this Thursday 23rd February at 4.30pm. If you wish to participate then register online.

Roads in south-west Victoria are in a deplorable condition, with Glenelg Shire Council funding several videos to draw attention to the seriousness of the issue. The Standard and community driven social media campaigns have also highlighted the scale of the problem.

RACV’s investigations considered VicRoads data, budget papers and interviews with officers of Glenelg Shire and Corangamite Shire. RACV estimates that the South-West has about 600 kilometres of ‘distressed’ roads that will cost about $486 million to repair. That is simply to strengthen the road pavement and resurface the worst roads, without any crash barriers, drainage upgrades or other essential works that are needed for roads that enable safe high-speed travel in regional areas. It also isn’t enough to stop other roads from becoming ‘distressed’.

If you cannot make the event in Portland then the VicRoads website is providing an opportunity for people to comment until Sunday 5th March 2017.

Before you attend the forum in Portland or make comments online, have a look at our data to compare roads in the South West to the rest of the State.


Written by Dave Jones, Roads and Traffic Manager
February 20, 2017