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Cartoon about Melbourne having 4 seasons in a day

Seasons to be jolly

Jeremy Bourke hit the nail on the head with his Yukon story (“Seasonally adjusted,” RA, May). Having lived there for 12 years, I could taste the atmosphere in his writing. In summer we fished for salmon in Haines or canoed down one of the many Yukon rivers. In the fall, ‘Yukoners’ hunted moose and caribou, or picked bush berries. In winter, the skis came out and they hit the lit-up trails around town, even at minus 30 degrees!
A weekend trip to Dawson would often include  “panning for gold”. Life in the Yukon is all about the seasons!

Jan Brandjes, Aberfeldie

Ford has car designers too

I welcome ‘The Cars That Car Designers Drive’ (RA June) in celebrating Australian car designers. But what about Ford and those who designed the XA-XC series, the XD-XF, the EA-EL, the once despised AU, (now considered a design classic) Falcons?  Even the Territory, one of the great Australian designs of the past 30 years? The likes of Brian Rossi, Peter Arcadipane, Wayne Draper, Clive Potter, Ian Vaughan, Russell Christophers, Trevor Worthington and Dave French all had significant influence on Australian designs and Ford vehicles over 40 years. 

Doug Wallace, Lower Templestowe 

Save the mural

I was intrigued and saddened to read about the Transport Mural which used to be proudly displayed at the old Spencer Street Railway Station. My siblings and I would study it every visit and always discover something we had missed before. This was repeated when I took my children to this station.   

It now seems that this precious work of art may be rehoused and on public display at the Exhibition Centre. What a superb idea. There is plenty of blank walls and with a multitude of events held there, endless streams of people will again be able to stop and appreciate this fabulous history of our transport system.

Christel Russell, Bacchus Marsh

It’s for goats!

As a regular bicycle commuter I also wondered why cyclists rode along Sydney Road rather than using the pathway that runs beside the Upfield train line (“Use the Bike Lane”, Your Say June).  So I decided to see for myself.  I would have to describe the pathway as, at best, a bitumen-coated goat track. It winds its way along beside the train line around trees, through car parks, clashing with stairs leading to train stations, changing drastically in width for no apparent reason and at some points disappearing.  Cyclists would love to have a safer north-south link to the city, however this is not it. 

Michael Thom, Parkville

July covers of RoyalAuto Magazine

Your choice of cover

RoyalAuto asked followers of RACV on Facebook to vote for their favourite cover for the July magazine. There were two options for the feature on the Mornington Peninsula. One was a cool blue pool by the sea, the other a 'surprise' figure in a hedge. 'Blue heaven' won hands down, with four times the votes of our other contender, and now graces our cover. We hope you like it.

Ute and beauty

It may be a fad, the dual-cab ute (“Ute is wasted on the ...”, Your Say,  June) but my brother has one because he needs to pick up/drop off the kids before and after work (landscape construction and design). I know he’d prefer a longer tray for all his equipment... but for this season of family life the dual cab is needed, even though it appears that it is empty most of the time.

Natalie Brough, Box Hill 

Warranty alert

I work for a car dealership processing warranty claims, including recalls.  Too many vehicles coming in for recalls have a “kilometre rollback”, meaning I can’t process a claim (without time-consuming paperwork) because the vehicle has been presented at another dealership at an earlier date with higher kilometres. Wonder how that happened?

Just letting everyone know, don’t buy a used vehicle unless it has a service book or paperwork to prove kilometres and servicing.

Kay Wood, Cranbourne South

Picture perfect

As a 50-year-plus member I have always loved RA for cars and travel. Now it is fast becoming my favourite photography magazine. Photos in June by Meredith O’Shea, Shannon Morris and the exquisite work of Anne Morley make RA a stand-out for photography and give members who are interested in photos work to admire and even learn from. May we see many more. Thank you.

Peter Mackey, Paynesville

Ralph Ling

Man and van

My father, Ralph Ling, was employed by RACV in about 1960 when the depot was in St Kilda, near Luna Park. As a kid, I loved my visits there, watching the women in the phone room write the jobs on cards and send them down a type of conveyer belt to the radio room.

My dad's first van was a used FC Holden with a Bakelite house-type phone mounted behind the seat. He worked mainly afternoon shifts 4pm midnight and some night shifts, when he had to sleep at the St Kilda depot.

RACV updated the vans when a new-model Holden was released. FB, EH, HD and HR are models I remember. Dad also drove a Mini van, a Corolla van (which I still own) and finished with a Ford Escort (see photo). My dad retired at 54, his patrol number had changed from 52 to 152. He went on to start C-A-R Compressors in Keysborough. He is still living at the house he built in Black Rock. He will be 90 years young this November.

Rick Ling


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