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Louise Sporton

Louise Sporton delves deep into how people live to help improve their lives with new RACV products.

How can I better design for this person’s needs? That’s the basis of what I do. I’m RACV’s human centred design lead and I work closely with lots of different people to understand what they need and how to bring it to them.

It’s like stepping into someone else’s shoes. We go into people’s homes to understand how they live and try to identify their ‘pain points’ and opportunities. Then we come up with lots of ideas, narrow these down to a prototype that we take back to our members, get their feedback, then do it all again until we get it right. We then look at it and say is this viable, is this a product we can bring to market?

For example, with RACV Solar, we worked with people who had solar in their homes and those who were thinking about it. For people who hadn’t got solar, why not? We found through our inquiries that it’s a complex process and customers wanted someone trusted to guide them. That’s when we brought to life the idea of having a solar expert on hand within RACV. So, anyone can now call an RACV Solar expert to help find the best-fit solution for you.

The way I got into this field is rather random. I studied health and social sciences and majored in business, and completed an internship with the Asthma Foundation where I helped design an app. This opened my eyes to a whole new industry, I didn’t know you could have a career in this space.
I started my career in human resources, I would sit in meetings and find myself wanting to be on the other side of the table, designing products and services.

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Human-centred design has famously been used around San Francisco,
Silicon Valley, the startup world, and now all sorts of businesses, government and not-for-profits embrace it too.

It’s really fun and combines many business practices. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and spending time observing and talking with them to find out what makes them tick, why they do what they do, and creating solutions that meet their needs.

We’ve got so many ideas on the go at RACV to improve the lives of the Victorian community. Watch this space!        

Written by Clare Barry
January 08, 2018

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