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From wrangling e-bikes to wading through mud at the Great Victorian Bike Ride, Nick Daly does all things cycling at RACV.

Nick Daly

I’m often referred to as the ‘bike guy’. Mostly because I’m involved with RACV’s Bike Assist and Melbourne Bike Share and e-bikes. I also work on bike events and sponsorships.

I’ve been working with bikes since I was 15, when I fixed and sold bikes in a bike shop. Before RACV, everything I’ve done has been to do with bikes.

I try to get out and do 100 kilometres on the weekends, having a coffee in my Lycra at 5am, the whole thing.

Cycling is convenient because I love bikes and I hate the gym. I used to ride mountain bikes a lot when I was younger, but I don’t get to do it as much now. I do get to talk about bikes at work all the time though. It’s great being able to combine something that I’m passionate about with my work.

People are often surprised that the RACV is talking about cycling. A lot of people still see us as all about cars, but we’re interested in all forms of mobility – getting people to their destination whether it’s cars, public transport, riding or walking.

The future of mobility is in alternative forms of transport, fixing those ‘last mile’ problems of getting you to work by making journeys using public transport and bikes and car sharing so seamless and so easy that people will prefer that to driving.  

Last year we did a commuter challenge from Fitzroy to the RACV City Club, with a car driver, a tram commuter and me on my bike. The bike took nearly half the time of the tram, and was faster again than the car. I really enjoy projects like that.

A less glamorous moment was being caught in torrential rain at the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride late last year. The event got rained out on the final day and we were just covered in mud.

The worst part of my job? Seeing other people riding while I’m working at an event. But that’s what the other weekends are for I guess.

Did you know we have roadside assistance for bicycles?

Written by Jade Thrupp. Photo Shannon Morris
April 17, 2018

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