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Tarryn Billings
Tarryn Billings

From members’ privacy to international ventures, Tarryn Billings has her eye on legal matters.

I am one of three corporate solicitors in RACV’s legal team.

I’ve been here for seven-and-a-half years and I was in private practice before that. I enjoy the types of work I get to undertake as an in-house lawyer.

We look after all the in-house company legal work. One of the nice things for a lawyer about an organisation such as RACV is the broad range of work we get to do.

We deal with commercial contracts, marketing plans and privacy issues. We work with the business to ensure its products are legally compliant and provide member benefits.

I like projects where I get to collaborate and work with multiple departments, at RACV and outside the RACV business.

My job intersects directly with members when we support the business with managing member enquiries and concerns and making sure we structure our business in a way that is smart and safe for our members.

We also do work for RACV subsidiary company Intelematics. I was involved in helping set up its international ventures.

I’m very excited about some of the new areas we are building in the home space. Some of the products on the horizon sound great. There are people working very hard to make amazing things happen in that space.

There seem to be a lot of opportunities at RACV right now and I’m excited about the things we’re going to help members with in the future.

A lawyer’s career is often directed by where you get your first job and where you’re given opportunities in the field.

I think every lawyer starts with this dream to be a human rights lawyer and change the world, but when you finish your degree you realise there are lots of opportunities in the corp­orate world. We still try to help change the world where we can.

Photo: Shannon Morris

Written by Jessica Hirst
October 16, 2017

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