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RACV President Netta M Griffin
RACV President Netta M Griffin

Welcome to the first edition of RoyalAuto for 2018 and my first column as President and Chairman of RACV.

It is a privilege to be elected President and Chairman and to be given the opportunity to help take RACV forward as it continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of members.

Having been a member of the RACV Board for a number of years I have a thorough understanding of where we’ve come from, the challenges we face, and importantly, the direction we are heading. Whilst I am very proud of our heritage I am equally committed to help ensure RACV prepares for the challenges of the future.  

This year Victorians will head to the polls in November and RACV will make sure that, in the lead-up to the election, we make all parties and candidates aware of the issues that are important to our members.

During the summer months, RACV has been actively reminding all Victorians to Check Keys, Check Kids due to the dangers of accidentally locking children in cars. RACV attends on average four call-outs a day to children accidentally locked in cars. In hot temperatures, it takes only minutes for the temperature to soar inside a car and turn a simple mistake into a life-threatening situation. We are currently giving away key lanyards at our RACV shops for people to keep their keys around their neck as a constant reminder of this danger.

Our work in the community continues with RACV’s yearly release of its annual burglary map, and if you haven’t had the chance, I encourage you to look on our website to see how your postcode ranks for burglaries across Victoria. We have created a tool so you can assess how safe your home is as well as get helpful security advice to make sure you’ve put all necessary steps in place to protect your home and your family.

We have just expanded our insurance products by now offering Victorians the flexibility to insure just a single item. This new product has been specifically designed for people who only wish to insure one or two items and is available by going to This innovative single item insurance covers items such as computers, mobile phones or musical instruments – all for as little as $25 a year – and can be purchased online in under 30 seconds. We will be adding to the initial range of products we are offering very soon.

I am excited about the future of RACV and am looking forward to how we shape the organisation for the years ahead so that we continue to deliver value for members.

Netta M Griffin, President & Chairman of the Board