Victorian election: where the parties stand on solar

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Cost-of-living pressures and the fast uptake of rooftop solar are making these hot election issues. 

November 2018

With two-thirds of recently surveyed Australians saying they struggle to pay their energy bills, and a growing number of Victorian households turning to rooftop solar to help them tackle costs, these issues are shaping up as key policy positions for the 2018 Victorian election. We’ve summarised the policy announcements of the major parties to help you make an informed decision.



A re-elected Andrews Labor government would expand the existing Solar Homes Initiative to include:

  • A solar PV rebate and low-interest loans plan for 650,000 homes over 10 years.
  • A battery rebate scheme for 10,000 households to receive up to $4838 off the price of installing home battery storage.
  • Solar hot water rebate scheme for 60,000 homes to receive $1000 off new installations.
  • An additional 50,000 rebates for Victorian rental properties.

Renewable energy targets

  • The state Labor government’s Victorian Renewable Energy Targets commit to renewable energy generation targets of 25 per cent by 2020 and 40 per cent by 2025. If re-elected, the Labor party will extend and increase the target to 50 per cent by 2030.



If elected, the Liberal-National coalition will introduce:

  • Solar for public schools, whereby all schools without solar would be eligible to receive solar and battery systems as well as $10,000 grants to assist with implementation, with a target of having 100 per cent of suitable public schools equipped with solar pholtovoltaic systems by 2025.

Reducing energy costs

If elected the Coalition would target the cost of energy through:

  • Facilitating the construction of a new Victorian power station of at least 500MW, allowing the market to best determine the mode of generation
  • Allowing onshore conventional gas exploration and production to help put downward pressure on gas prices.

Renewable energy targets

  • Committed to remove the Victorian Renewable Energy Targets.



The Greens would introduce a Solar for Everyone Program which would include:

  • $1000 grants for renters and those living in apartments to access solar gardens
  • Solar panels and battery storage for public homes and schools.

Reducing energy costs

The Greens have a detailed plan for reducing energy consumption and costs including:

  • Energy-efficiency initiatives for public housing, landlords and for replacing household heaters
  • $1 million to investigate the creation of a public energy retailer
  • Significant investments in infrastructure including big batteries, pumped hydro storage and network upgrades.

Renewable energy targets

  • 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030.

Authorised by Bryce Prosser, RACV General Manager Public Policy and Corporate Affairs, 485 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria, 3000.

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