Solar rebate scheme to cut power bills

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The Victorian government’s new solar rebate scheme cuts the cost of installing a solar-electric system.

August 2018.

The state government has announced a $68 million solar rebate program that will cut the cost of installing rooftop solar-electric systems for Victorians.

The Solar Homes scheme offers a rebate of up to $2225 on the installation of a solar-electric system, which could save householders up to $900 a year on electricity bills.

RACV’s senior product manager for energy, Kieran Davies, says RACV welcomes the rebate scheme as a way for Victorians to take control of their energy costs.

“Solar power is an excellent way for households to reduce their bills and also contribute to a more sustainable future.

“The scheme also helps to address the affordability of solar, which has prevented many of the households most in need from accessing this technology.”

Kieran says while it is good news that customers can save significantly on installing solar, they should focus on quality as well as price, and ensure they choose a reputable installer who uses quality products and parts, with ongoing monitoring to ensure the system performs at its best.

The Solar Homes scheme is available now to Victorian home owners with an average annual household income of less than $180,000, and whose home is worth less than $3 million.

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