War veteran made safer in his home

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RACV Home Services talk with veteran Nicolaas Kurk

A Corio family’s faith in people has been restored after RACV responded to reports of attacks on an 89-year-old war veteran by providing a security alarm system for free.

In August 2016 Channel 7 reported that Corio grandfather Nicolaas Kurk had been confronted by a group of girls in the doorway of his house as he returned from his daily walk. They allegedly pushed him over and snatched his wallet in what was the third attack in as many months.

The story was the catalyst for RACV Home Services to offer to install and pay for the monitoring of a high-quality security alarm.

RACV security solutions product manager Toly Christofakakis says everyone should feel safe at home.

“I was shocked by this story and thought no one should be able to scare an elderly man like this,” he says.

RACV installer Ben Joosten explained how the system works with Nicolaas and his son Ian.

“The fact that it’s just one button to turn it on and off is great, it means it’s not too complicated for Dad,” Ian says.

“This will make him feel safe – it’s kind of restored his faith a little bit. It’s also really helpful for us to know that he’s not just sitting here if something happens.”

The system includes an internal and external siren and sensors placed in the rooms of the home. The alarm is controlled via remote controls and is connected to RACV 24-hour back-to-base monitoring.

Nicolaas also received a panic alarm to wear around his neck.

If he presses its button, the monitoring system will notify police as well as his son who lives nearby.

Nicolaas wants to stay in his home as long as possible.

“I am getting old but I feel young,” he says.

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