What are RACV's top 5 Federal Election policy priorities?

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RACV and its sister clubs across Australia have identified a range of policy initiatives that the next Federal Government must commit to. Details are provided in the AAA submission to the 2016 Federal Budget.

1. Cost of motoring

RACV wants the next Federal Government to commit at least 50 percent of fuel excise being spent on the roads and public transport infrastructure that Australia needs. We’re also seeking a renewed commitment by the next Federal Government to the removal of the tariff on imported vehicles as well as the luxury car tax. With the demise of mainstream car manufacturing in Australia, measures that were once designed to protect the local industry are no longer needed. They’re simply reducing the affordability of the some of the lowest emission, technically advanced and safest vehicles that Australians could buy.

2. Road user charging

RACV supports a public inquiry into transport market reform. In particular, an inquiry should consider how a road user charging system that replaces the existing fuel excise, GST, and various Federal and State fixed motoring taxes with a fairer and more equitable system, could reform how Australia’s transport networks are funded. It is also particularly important because, as vehicles become more fuel efficient and transition to other energy sources, the Federal Government’s revenue from fuel excise will substantially decline. An inquiry should consider the numerous problems with the existing funding model, alternative models and then demonstrate their likely effect on motorists.

Written by Brian Negus, General Manager Public Policy
April 24, 2016