What could transport look like in the future?

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The future of mobility is changing – and fast. Our population is rapidly increasing and ageing at the same time. Young people are less likely to get their drivers licence than they were 10 years ago. Transportation options are growing and people are choosing to live where they can walk or ride their bike for many short trips. We’re not as reliant on the private car as we once were. All of these factors have a significant influence on transport.

We’re already starting to see changes with a huge growth in the sharing economy such as car and ride sharing services, as well as technological innovations like autonomous vehicles and journey planning apps. Major investments in mass transit, such as the Melbourne Metro Tunnel, reinforce the imperative role that public transport will play. It will be the combination of all this and more that will redefine how we get around.

RACV’s Future of Mobility animation

We launched our RACV Future of Mobility animation at the ITS World Congress a couple of weeks ago. The animation was created to help visualise what the future of mobility in Victoria could look like and the vital role that RACV will play in keeping our members moving equatibly, safely and efficiently.

Check out the animation below. What do you think the future of transport will look like? How will RACV help to meet your changing transport needs?

Written by Dominique Torpy, Public Transport and Mobility Officer
November 03, 2016