What does a sommelier drink for Christmas?

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If I had a bottle of Grange for each time I have been asked what my favourite wine is, I would be the happiest man on earth! The answer is really relative to what kind of food will be served, what is the occasion, the company present and time of day. All that will essentially determine my predisposition to a particular type of wine.

However there is one wine that overrides all this and it is Champagne.

It is one of the most versatile drinks, I could have it any time and it has the ability to bring out the best in people while tasting uniquely of the region it is produced from. I am clearly not alone to state my affiliation to the king of wines as this country has always had a love affair with the bubbly blonde drink for centuries. It is said that in the 1850s more Champagne was consumed in Victoria than anywhere in the world. More recently according to the Champagne Bureau, Australia has just taken position number seven in the world as the largest import market for Champagne.

So what makes Champagne so popular? It could be attributed to the fact that the purchasing price is now more attractive but also Australians have become more knowledgeable about the product.

We tend to associate it more often with celebrations, birthdays, marriages, graduations or as an aperitif. In fact, Champagne is perfectly at home at the dinner table.

It has the ability to match almost any course. Try a 100% chardonnay style with seafood or a pinot noir rosé with quail or duck then finish with a demi-sec and a fruity dessert. You can even start all over the next morning with breakfast!

Written by Christian Maier
November 26, 2015