Are motorcyclists allowed to travel through stopped traffic?

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From 2 November 2015, motorcycles are allowed to lane filter. Lane filtering is the practice of motorcycles and motor scooters travelling at low speed through stopped or slow moving traffic, for example at traffic lights.

VicRoads said the change will permit filtering for motorcycle riders, provided it is “safe to do so” and at speeds of up to 30kmh. A penalty will apply for exceeding 30kmh while filtering.

Filtering will be allowed on roads with two or more lanes or lines of traffic travelling in the same direction, or between lanes or lines of traffic and parked vehicles, unless otherwise signed. Filtering is not allowed between traffic and the adjacent kerb.

Motorcycle learner permit holders will not be allowed to filter. 

Vehicle drivers who have parked are reminded to look for motorcycle and bicycle riders before opening the door.

Lane splitting – travelling at more than 30kmh between moving traffic – is not legal. 

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Written by RACV’s Emily McLean