Children get to travel cheaper

RACV Royal Auto Magazine

The State Government has made it cheaper, simpler and fairer for children to travel on public transport in Victoria. 

From 31 January, the age at which a child must start carrying a myki was lifted from four to five, saving parents the expense and hassle of getting child a ticket before they’ve even started school. 

At same time, the eligibility age for a child myki ticket was lifted from 16 to 18. 

The change means young people can get concession fares until they are 19, even if they aren’t at school or university. 

For a 17 or 18 year old working instead of studying, the shift will save up to $800 a year. 

Also, 17 and 18 year olds will be able to use a learner drivers licence or proof of age card to prove their eligibility for concession fares. 

This will save up to 10,000 fulltime students the cost of buying a PTV School Student ID. 

The State Government said concession card holders are already benefiting from the new concession cap on weekends, which has reduced the cost of Zone 1+2 travel on Saturday and Sunday from $3.90 to $3.00. 

Written by RACV
January 31, 2017