Years of Membership Benefits Refunds

Frequently Asked Questions

We recently conducted a review of our membership data and found that we incorrectly recorded the date some of our members joined RACV. As a result, we did not apply the appropriate Years of Membership Benefits discount to some products. Refunds are being issued to impacted members. The below Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) provide more information about the refunds and how you can contact us if you have any more questions.

Why has RACV sent me a refund?

A recent review of member data found that the incorrect Years of Membership Benefits (YOMB) discount had been applied to some of the products you hold (or used to hold) with RACV and you were overcharged for these. We have now corrected this and sent you a refund.

How did this happen?

We found that the date some of our members joined RACV was incorrectly recorded. As members are awarded benefits based on continuous years of membership, this meant we inaccurately applied relevant discounts.

How has the refund been calculated?

Our letter to you explains how the refund has been calculated for each product. You can contact us on 1300 940 177 (between 8.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Friday) if you have further questions about your refund.

How has the interest been calculated?

The interest portion of the refund is determined by the length of time the incorrect Years of Membership Benefits discount was applied to your product and has been calculated using a compounding  formula.

What is a Years of Membership Benefits discount?

The Years of Membership Benefits discount is based on your continuous years of membership and is reflected in the colour of your membership card. The longer your RACV membership continues, the greater the discount.

Which products is the Years of Membership Benefits discount applied to?

The following RACV products attract a Years of Membership Benefits discount:

  • RACV Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • RACV Motor and Home Insurance
  • RACV Caravan, Trailer & Boat Insurance
  • RACV Golf Membership
  • RACV Home Security Monitoring Service
  • RACV Emergency Home Assist
  • RACV Car & Personal Loans (conditions apply)
  • RACV Torquay Resort Fitness Centre (One Lifestyle Torquay)
  • RACV Club Membership (joining fee only)

Why did I receive multiple cheques?

Your total refund may include more than one cheque if you have multiple insurance policies with RACV. Our systems necessitate the issue of one cheque per policy.

  • General enquiries

    Call 13 72 28
    See our contact page for more options 

  • YOMB Refund hotline

    Call 1300 940 177
    Monday to Friday