How do you enter an added lane?

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Added lane road sign

Please clarify the rule about turning into an added lane when entering a freeway. Many drivers turning left will stop if cars are entering the same ramp from the right. I’ve also been honked by drivers coming from the right when I correctly turn into my added lane, as they believe I should have given way (as if it was a slip lane).

G. Dimitriou

Added lanes are sometimes provided on freeway entry ramps or where two roads join but no merge is required at that point as each vehicle has its own lane. Signs (above) are provided so drivers are aware that there are two lanes.

Where there is an added lane, drivers approaching from both directions have their own lane and neither driver is required to give way to the other, unless a driver changes lanes, in which case they must give way to traffic in the lane they are changing into.

Emily McLean
May 2018


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