The rules for driving a golf cart on a public road

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Golf cart driving on the road

There has been discussion at our golf club about four-wheeled motorised golf carts, which are not road registered, being allowed on public roads.

Please settle this argument.

J. Glasgow

The short answer is yes. 

In Victoria, golf carts are not considered motor vehicles and do not need to be registered.

They can be used on public roads or road-related areas for no more than two kilometres at a time in one direction and only for the purpose for which they were built (i.e. travelling to or from a golf course to play golf). No driver’s licence is required provided the vehicle is being used as above.

If a golf cart is used other than as intended by the manufacturer, or outside the above conditions, they are subject to the same laws as any other motor vehicle. 

At our request, VicRoads now provides clear advice on their website about using golf carts.

In other states, different rules apply and golf carts may need to be registered. Check with the local road authority if using a cart interstate.

Emily McLean
October 2018

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