What’s the road rule? Passing a stationary tram

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If a tram is stationary, at a stop or elsewhere, with no pedestrians about, no lights flashing and the doors shut, can I pass it?

P. Woodcock, Ivanhoe
November 2018

If a tram is stopped at a stop with a safety zone, a driver must drive to the left of the safety zone at a speed that is safe for pedestrians who may be crossing the road.

If a tram is stopped at a tram stop without a safety zone, a driver must always stop before passing the rear of the tram. If the tram doors are closed on the driver’s side of the road and there are no pedestrians entering the tram or crossing the road between the tram tracks and the far left side of the road, drivers may proceed past the tram at no more than 10kmh. For a tram-replacement bus the same rules apply.

Tina Webb, Senior Engineer for Roads and Traffic

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