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Can I use my Smartwatch while driving?

A Smartwatch is a watch that can be linked to the wearers mobile phone and enable them to access many of the functions of their phone through the watch.

Sometimes with new technologies, it’s hard to know what is and isn’t allowed under the road rules. As a general guide, if it’s likely to cause a distraction to the driver, or the driver of another vehicle, then you shouldn’t use it while driving.

Some uses of a Smartwatch are covered by the road rules that limit using mobile phones or visual display units, so drivers should avoid using Smartwatches while driving.

A Smartwatch should not be used for making or receiving phone calls, email, social media use, text or video messages, regardless of whether it is worn by the driver or not.

Fully licensed drivers may use a Smartwatch provided it is not worn, and is being used as a driver’s aid (for example, as a navigation device) or a music player or a mobile phone to make or receive phone calls. To use the Smartwatch the driver must not touch anything on the Smartwatch (for example, making and receiving calls needs to be hands-free via Bluetooth or similar means) or it must be secured in a commercially designed mounting affixed to the vehicle.

Published in RoyalAuto Jun 2016

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