What do dashed line-markings at traffic lights mean?

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Road with line markings

What does the dashed line-marking that I have noticed at some traffic signals in Melbourne mean?

Ed Cochran, Somerton

The standard for some types of linemarking in Victoria has changed to align with the other states.

The changes include the previously solid pedestrian crossing lines at signalised intersections, pedestrian operated signals and children’s crossings (school crossings) as well as the turn guide lines at intersections now being a broken (or dashed) line.

These new broken lines do not have a different meaning to the current solid lines, they will just look a little different.

The changes were approved last year and will be implemented at all new
intersections, pedestrian crossings and children’s crossings, and where significant changes are to be made at existing locations.  Over time, the changes will be implemented throughout Victoria, so there will be a mix of old and new linemarking for some time to come.

For details, go to vicroads.vic.gov.au and search for Line Marking.

Lindsay Layzell

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