What is the road rule for unbroken white lines

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Unbroken white line on cliff road

What is the difference between a single unbroken white line and double unbroken white lines?

Patricia Woolcock, Ivanhoe

Drivers should keep to the left of lines in the centre of the road, whether they are dashed or solid.

A single continuous line, including one to the left of a broken line, means a driver must not overtake or make a U-turn.

However, a driver may cross this line marking to enter or leave the road (e.g. using a driveway), park in an angle parking area on the opposite side of the road provided the driver does not need to do a U-turn to reach it, or avoid an obstruction provided the driver has a clear view of approaching traffic, and it is necessary, reasonable and safe to do so.

A driver must always keep left of double continuous lines. Overtaking, turning or entering/leaving the road across such lines is not allowed.

Unless signs show otherwise, and provided there is at least three metres of clear road between the car and the centre line for other cars to pass, a driver can parallel-park opposite both single and double continuous dividing lines.

Emily McLean
Published in RoyalAuto Sep 2016