What is this dashed linemarking about at some intersections?

You may have noticed some of the new intersections around Victoria have a different dashed linemarking to what we are used to. Why is this? And what does it mean?

New dashed linemarking in Victoria

The answer is very simple and does not mean you have to learn any new road rules. Bonus!

Basically, Victoria was out of step with the rest of Australia in relation to some linemarking at traffic signals.

There are two changes you will notice:

1. Pedestrian crossings

The pedestrian crossing linemarking at signals and school crossings will now be a dashed line. This will be installed at traffic signals, pedestrian signals and school crossings.

2. Right Turn Lines

The right turn lines at traffic signals that provide a guide to help you make a right turn will now also be dashed lines. The photograph below was taken from a drone at Burke Road in Glen Iris, where the notorious level crossing was recently removed. You can see both the pedestrian crossing and right turn guide lines are dashed at this newly constructed intersection.

new dashed road line marking


This change will occur at new intersections and where works are undertaken at existing intersections, so the ‘normal’ linemarking will still exist at most intersections for some time to come.

So whilst the intersections will look a little different, it is a change that we will all get used to.

Written by Lindsay Layzell, Senior Engineer
June 17, 2016