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I moved from NSW last year and am still baffled by angle parking. In NSW it was mostly rear-to-kerb, and mostly signposted as to which direction you should park. In Victoria, I have not noticed any signs indicating which direction I should legally park but everyone seems to park front-to-kerb. Before I get fined, which way should I be parking?

Cammy Butler

Victorian road rules state that if parking at 90°, you can position your vehicle either ‘rear in’ (front of the car nearest the centre of the road) or ‘front in’ (rear of the car nearest the centre of the road), unless a direction is specified on the parking sign.

If you park at an angle other than 90° (e.g. 45°), you must position your car with its rear nearest to the centre of the road.

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Written by RACV's Emily McLean

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