The rules for turning into a multi-lane road

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Right hand turning update

What are the rules about making a right turn from a road with two dedicated right-turn lanes into a multi-lane road? Which turning lane feeds into which lane(s) on the road vehicles are turning into?

D. Sviridov, Brighton East

A driver who is turning left or right into a multi-lane road is required to follow any road line markings indicating how a turn is made.

If there are no markings, a driver can move into any of the lanes travelling in the direction they are turning into. Often, however, it may be safer to turn into the same lane, and then change lanes only when safe to do so.

The diagram at right shows the line and arrow markings that may be used to indicate which lane a driver must drive in. Where these are present, a driver may only travel in the lane and direction indicated.

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Written by Emily McLean
November 24, 2017

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