Who can use a transit lane?

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Transit lane sign

Who can use a transit lane? Can I use one with a baby on board?

D. Betts, Alamein

Private vehicles must have at least the same number of occupants (including the driver) as displayed on the sign. For example if the transit lane is signed as ‘T2’, the driver must be carrying at least one passenger, while for ‘T3’ lanes there must be at least two passengers plus the driver.

Public transport vehicles, taxis and motorbikes can use transit lanes regardless of the number of passengers. 

The Road Rules don’t state any minimum age requirements for passengers, therefore you can travel in a transit lane if you have a child in the vehicle.

Transit lanes are in operation throughout Melbourne, including Hoddle Street, Eastern Freeway, CityLink, Tullamarine Freeway and on some freeway entry ramps such as the Warrigal Road ramp onto the Monash Freeway.

Emily McLean
Published in RoyalAuto Feb 17



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