Trucks and heavy vehicles

Are you driving a heavy vehicle?

The general road rules apply to truck drivers, however there are some additional rules to take into consideration.
We have summarised the most important rules for trucks and heavy vehicles below.

No truck signs

No truck sign

On some freeways (Princes Freeway between Kororoit Creek Road, Altona, and Avalon Road, Lara and the Eastern Freeway between Springvale Road and Hoddle Street) in Victoria, trucks over 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass  (GVM) are restricted from the right lane.

'No Truck' signs on the freeway and at entry points indicate where this restriction is in place. Restricting trucks from the right lane on multi-lane freeways is aimed at improving safety and encouraging better road sharing, while also creating a more efficient driving environment. Buses, emergency vehicles and vehicles under escort by a police officer or an authorised officer of VicRoads are exempt from this restriction.

Other drivers are also reminded to keep left unless overtaking to improve traffic flow on our roads and reduce driver frustration.

No truck signs are also used on other roads to prevent trucks from entering the road or area. No truck signs apply to all trucks over 4.5 tonnes GVM, unless signs indicate otherwise. The sign may apply 24 hours a day, or may be time-based. There are a number of exceptions where trucks are allowed to pass the sign including: if they are loading or unloading goods to a location that can only be reached by passing the sign, emergency vehicles, garbage vehicles, cars towing a caravan, buses, trucks with a VicRoads permit, or under VicRoads or police escort.

For more information see the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules rule 104.


The driver of a heavy or long vehicle (7.5 metres long or longer), but not a bus, is allowed to stop  on a road in a built-up area for longer than one hour provided the driver is dropping off or picking up goods. Otherwise the driver is only permitted to stop for up to one hour, unless parking signs indicate otherwise.

For more information see the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules rule 200.

Truck bans

Bridge load limit sign

Load limit signs are used to prevent damage to a road or structure, for example a bridge. A load limit bans any vehicle above the weight limit shown on the sign from passing the sign. There are no exceptions to this rule.
For more information see the Road Safety (Vehicles) regulations, regulation 252.

Speed limits

Within Victoria, heavy vehicles are restricted to 100km/h, even if this is less than the posted speed limit.

For more information see the Victorian Road Safety Road Rules rule 21.

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