Public transport

RACV advocates for better public transport services across the state.

Public Transport in Victoria 

The trains, trams and buses that make up Victoria’s public transport system are essential to enable access to jobs, schools, events and services. These modes provide the important backbone that underpins Victoria’s liveability and productivity. As Victoria grows, the public transport network will play an increasingly important role in helping people get from A to B.  

Investment in public transport must keep pace with the changes occurring across Victoria. RACV is committed to understanding the public transport issues that are important to our members and finding solutions that can make a real difference.

Around 75% of RACV members use public transport at least once a month and around one in five travel on public transport at least weekly.

On Track Survey

The On Track Survey is undertaken every two years, providing all Victorian’s with an opportunity to rate their train station, tell us what they like about it and what they would like improved. We use this information to highlight issues across the State and call for investment that can make a genuine difference to the way people travel.

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Growing Pains

RACV’s Growing Pains project pulls together the various projects we are calling for across Melbourne and Victoria’s 10 major regional centres. We use this platform to guide our advocacy and articulate how the missing links in our transport system can be addressed. Improving public transport is an important component of addressing Victoria’s emerging transport challenges, therefore various train, tram and bus projects feature throughout the Growing Pains work.

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Fix My Station

Surveys for Aircraft, Dandenong, Donnybrook and Ruthven stations have closed. 

Thank you for sharing your insights with us and be sure to come back in July for the results.

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Public transport initiatives that RACV is calling for

  • Airport Rail Link

    The airport rail link will be a fast rail connection between Melbourne City, Sunshine and Melbourne Airport. 

  • Melbourne Metro 2

    Melbourne Metro 2 is a major underground rail project that will connect Newport and Clifton Hill via Melbourne and Fishermans Bend. 

  • Increased Smart Bus services

    Doncaster Area Rapid Transit (DART) improvements and more direct and frequent buses in middle and outer metro growth areas and regional cities. 

  • Train station and service improvements

    Advocate for funding to address the issues raised in RACV’s OnTrack survey

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