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What would make your train trip more enjoyable? Maybe it’s more frequent services, improved shelter at the station while you wait for your train or secure bicycle parking. Through our biennial On Track survey, RACV wants to hear what you like and don’t like about your train journeys, be it your daily commute on Melbourne’s rail network or trips on regional V/Line services. And if you don’t catch a train at all, we want to know why.

RACV’s Dave Jones says that by pin-pointing the issues that are of highest concern for train users, this public transport survey (run in conjunction with Leader Community News) will support advocacy for further improvements to the state’s rail network.

“The State Government has committed $1.4 billion for station upgrades over the next five years, and this is your chance to say what is needed at the stations you use, or would like to use,” Mr Jones says.

The 2015 survey was completed by more than 17,800 people and revealed the best station in Victoria were the (then) recently completed Wyndham Vale station, serviced by V/Line trains, and Ashburton on the Metro network. The lowest-rated were Aircraft and Hallam.

The 2017 survey, which is the third RACV has conducted, is particularly important as it will assist RACV’s ongoing advocacy for transport network improvements leading into the 2018 state election, as well as influencing the design of stations that will be upgraded over the next five years.

In the 2015 On Track Survey on public transport, users identified shelter, station access and toilets as issues at Gardiner Station. It has since been replaced with a new station as part of the removal of the Burke Road level crossing.  The new station has shelter for most of the length of the platforms, and access from each end of each platform.  

“We know almost three-quarters of our 2.1 million RACV members use public transport and they will want to see Victoria’s rail stations improved,” Mr Jones says. “Two-thirds of our members would use public transport more often if improvements were made. Victoria’s economy and future wellbeing depend on a transport network that people enjoy using because it is safe and efficient.”

Anyone who completes the survey goes into a draw to win a $500 RACV Resort gift card. RACV members who complete the survey will be included in a draw for a second $500 RACV Resort gift card.

The survey will be open from Monday 30 October to Saturday 2 December.

Written by RACV
October 30, 2017

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