Rail Safety Quiz results

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RACV Rail safety quiz results

WOW! We had such a great response to our Rail Safety Quiz. 10,000 of you had a crack at it and the results are in. 10% of you got all the answers right and 77% of you passed – getting at least 4/7. It’s time to find out how well you placed.

Clear Rail Safety Winners

Your knowledge as a driver around level crossings was great to see. 95% of you knew that you must wait until the boom gates are completely up AND the flashing lights have stopped before you can move through a level crossing. A little less understood was the rule regarding a roundabout adjacent to level crossings. 81% knew that you can only enter a roundabout if you can safety exit it (that is, you won’t be sitting in the middle of the roundabout blocking traffic).

It was also reassuring that many of you know that trains are very heavy and can take a long time to stop. 70% of you knew that it can take more than 200 metres for a train to stop. The other 30% thought it would take a shorter distance.

Pretty good

Tram rules seemed to have people divided. 59% of you knew that you can pass a stationary tram at no more than 10 km/h (only when all passengers have cleared the road and the tram doors have shut). 35% thought that you could not pass the tram again until it starts moving again.

69% of you knew that you cannot board the first door of the first carriage of the train if you have your bike with you. This is because this is a priority door for wheelchair access. Surprisingly, 11% of you didn’t know you were allowed to take your bike on the train!

Parking near a tram stop

Bit of confusion

Now we come to the ones that people weren’t so sure about…

Only 47% of you knew that you are allowed to park near a tram stop so long as you are not on the side of the road that the tram is approaching (and there are no other parking restrictions that apply in the area). 49% thought you weren’t allowed to.

41% of you knew that the fine for illegally entering a pedestrian crossing at a level crossing was $379. Although to be fair, this one may have been a lucky guess for some.

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Your thoughts?

We’d like to know what you think would be a good topic for the next RACV transport quiz? Are there any transport rules that you’re not sure of or would like to test your knowledge on?

Written by Dominique Torpy, Public Transport and Mobility Officer
September 26, 2016